Sunday, August 8, 2021

Kings Landing

 Kings Landing, New Brunswick, another lovely visit. Not too busy today and there was perfect strolling weather. Friend Lisa and I took an embroidery lesson then toured the gardens and homes. They’re all set in 1800s historical time periods.

Inordinate number of varmints this year made these necessary 

The latest Early American Life has an article on the elaborate and simple door hardware from the 1700s forward. The horseshoe hinges tickled me. 

Pregnant Onion in the clay pot; it looks much better than mine!

Friend Mike works here and plays a mean guitar

Can you make out the butterfly?
So many lovely collections of items….

And their food was wonderful— we had chowders with the fresh baked brown bread and apple ciders. I couldn’t resist taking home cinnamon rolls and a full loaf of their bread. Kinda puts me in an autumnal frame of mind ♥️


Saundra said...

Frankly I'm looking forward to long sleeve and sweat shirt weather....but NOT snow or freezing temps. But that too shall happen.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Kimm....!! These photos are absolutely incredible!!! They need to be made into notecards or a calendar or something!! Each is more beautiful than the last, but I must say I am partial to the one with the sheep....I kept going back to that one thinking it looked like an old painting. Absolutely LOVE. That sounds like an amazing place....not only all that beauty, but fun classes too?? Oh that it were closer!! (Maybe not a good idea after all as I would probably hide out some place and take up residence. 😉) ~Robin~ said...

I share the sentiment. I’m good with our snow until Jan 1, so May is a very long way away at that point! said...

I tell you you and I have a lot in common. I’d love to work at KL but my summers are all about weekend rv’ing. Maybe I’ll volunteer next year. Re the sheep photo, I have no idea what the black thing is. There wasn’t a black sheep but it looks wooly?

acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful place! I love the stone house such hard work to build that. reminds me a lot of Plymouth plantation.
Cathy said...

Yes, these homes are from various time periods, all moved here when the province flooded a valley as part of a dam creation.