Friday, November 6, 2020

The Waiting

Everyone is waiting for this election outcome
Democracy takes patience.
My big prayer is for peace and love to reign.
In the meantime I am hooking up birds
for friends for Christmas.

Because so much of my wool is in storage
I pulled from a small bag.
The limited colour choices have forced me to 
be more creative. 

My other outlet is cooking and baking.
A big pot of carrot parsnip soup and a loaf 
of gingerbread did the trick.

A few days ago I met a friend at an area lake.

Walking for a good hour on trails through the woods
we inhaled the cold clean air and watched for bear.
Do you see the dusting of snow?
Soon this path will be groomed for skis.
Following the hike we sat in my truck,
sipping coffee from her handy thermos
 and munching croissants.

Do you need a re-focus too? 

Happy Friday