Sunday, October 17, 2021

Dribs & Drabs

 Well, here we are in a very rainy Sunday trying to be productive. I did prep and freeze apple pie fillings:

My father- in-law taught me this and it is so simple and makes for a delicious pie. Just peel and slice the apples and sprinkle with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Freeze. Our fav apple is the Sandow which is a relative of the Northern Spy. Yummy!

I also made a new candle scent. 
It’s a Christmas tree and  fireplace scent.
 I hope it doesn’t burn with the soapy smell I get when some manufacturers produce a “Fir” candle. Ugh. But I must wait 2 weeks for the candles to rest before testing. 

I named it “Posey Holler Tree Farm”— that being an area I grew up near in Old Virginia. There wasn’t a tree farm there per say, but my father being very frugal, took up an offer from a local man for a free tree. This old man was peculiar but friendly and we’d drive way out to his land and hike to the evergreen area. When we’d get out of the car my dad would say, “Now watch your step for bear traps, you know Fred!” And we’d most definitely have to watch. If you ask me, that was a steep price for a Christmas tree… 

My thrift shop finds this week were this red ware looking teapot ($5), and these spectacular vintage Halloween decorations! They have a Kmart sticker and a reduced price of forty-seven cents.

And this week has been a superb time for woods walks. I’d say our leaves peaked and the temps were just perfect. Willie and I went for some wanders.

And in honour of the approaching Halloween, I’ll leave you with 
some truly scary pics from my trip to Atlantic          Superstore yesterday. The first two are for a pound of 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

October’s Glory


Kings Landing historic village was hosting a class on bee skep making. I signed up but suffice it to say that I left the village without one. It was too frustrating a process for me and at 51 I am fine with admitting it. But the day touring the village was successful and signs of autumn were plentiful…

I always think they should be making apple butter in this in October. They have many many kinds of apple trees. 
                        Roses’ last seasonal hurrah. 

Now we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving at a small rv park in McAdam, NB. Let me tell you, the mornings and evenings are COLD. 
The scenery is gorgeous.
FYI, our province has forbidden Thanksgiving gatherings of any sort outside of those you live with. That’s fine with us as we take deep breaths and try to get ourselves and our neighbors through this surge. 
So aside from sitting by the campfire with wine, playing cards in the rv, and wandering the grounds, we hiked on a local trail and are doing a tougher one today.  some trail  pics…

The famous McAdam Train Station, a bustling place in the early 1900s, now a museum, place for pie and tea fundraisers, and a spectacular Christmas dinner. Our friend says it’s also haunted!

Lucy snuggles by the heat. At 13 1/2 she is an old Scottie.

I’ve premade turkey for today and we will add some sides and sit in front of the campfire and eat and be thankful. Because we are♥️🙏🏻