Sunday, January 23, 2022

Loving Kindness

 The last couple days since Lucy’s death have been hard but we’ve had so many well wishes and words of support. Our landlord gave us a tulip bouquet and other friends brought us a Lebanese meal. So many lovely people understand animal love.

I’ve put more work into my Woolen Memories rug.

   The blue vase is more of a teal.
          For me, keeping my hands busy helps the sadness.
        As do walks, prayer!, and time with others.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Full but broken heart

 Our sweet Lucy died this morning— she didn’t linger in a bad state long. We’re so grateful for our 14 years with this Scottish “Terrible” as we affectionately called her. This is our last photo. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Lockdown lowdown

 Looks like we’re in for a long end to January here in New Brunswick Canada. A lockdown whilst omicron has its way. Hubby can work from home but I work with seniors. Thankfully, I cram it in to two days/week.

I’ve turned my attentions to the Woolen Memories’ mat. I’m going for subtle and primitive. Colours aren’t great with my camera but:

Thanks for recommendations for prim teachers! I’m signed up for a zoom class of Magdalena Briner Eby mat style (with Ribbon Candy), and I’ve contacted another teacher too. 

I’ve hooked since 2000 and have taken whatever classes come my way but never prim and I’d like some more development there. 

Though it is -17c today, I must walk. Our place is too small for healthy mental health and I need an outing. (Yes, we’re “allowed” distanced outdoor space). Yesterday it was just at freezing and the woods were magical.

I know it seems like the same photo of dog Willie Nelson over and over, but it’s new. 
And it’s too cold for Willie to walk today! 
Willie is our landlord’s dog; he  has a big fenced yard but she  doesn’t walk him. 
Our own dog, Lucy, is winding down. Our fav Scottie turns 14 next week and she sleeps and sleeps and only eats a little. Sigh. Seems like she’s been old forever. 

May your own weekend be full of hope and nature and kindness!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

New Year, New Pattern

 I’ve begun this pattern by Woolen Memories of Ware, Ma. It’s approx 16x26” and because it was drawn a hair off centre, I got it for a song. I fixed this by with a few easy strokes of my Sharpie.

The rug will be hues of pinks and blues and I’m aiming for subtle and old looking. This is a challenge as I love blue rugs but usually lean towards warmer colours. 

  Sandy, owner of the shed/store, is a primitive designer and hooker and antiques lover and it was hard to keep the visit under an hour. Patient hubby and dog walked outside whilst I made my purchases of patterns, sale dyed wools and off the bolt textures. 

Here in eastern Canada we have excellent teachers and courses available, however, I have never taken a class from a primitive teacher. 


Do any of you know of online courses from a good primitive teacher? I have searched and cannot find any. 

On a more mundane note, my hubby got a subscription to Masterclass and we are really enjoying the cooking courses and looking forward to Jane Goodall next. An excellent resource for learning!!!

We got 8 inches of snow from a nor’easter and are anticipating hiking and hot tub with friends….. 

Happy Weekend!