Thursday, February 10, 2022

Happy Anniversary To Me


 We’ve been married 32 years today! Where did the years go anyway? I was 19, he was 20 and we raised two awesome kids! 

We’re going out for Indian food tonight with some friends who don’t know it’s a special day. I can’t remember the last time hubby and I ate at a restaurant together. We’re kind of easing out into the world again. This is my gift to Erik:

I should have taken a before picture! He goes into this cabinet each morning to fish around for container top and matching bottom to take to his lunch in. We keep a pretty clean home but toss things into cabinets; when this cabinet was opened, things feel out and he’d get all discombobulated. Let’s just say I recycled 9 tops whose bottoms have mysteriously disappeared. Crazy. Any bets on how long this will stay straight?

I finished my rug. Minus the binding but that’ll be done by Monday. I don’t let the binding wait.

Dark photo. The rug is subdued but not that dark.          

And I finished a Dalmatian ornament.  A very late Christmas present for my friend Karen and her dog, Soprano.

Now I work on the new rug our group is hooking for a retreat house we go to. This rug will be raffled off. 

I guess this just shows a portion of the geometric. It’s about 2x3 feet.
The nonprofit centre  is in dire straights from having lost so much money over the pandemic. Frankly it’s not looking good for them and that’s just plain terrible. 

I walked a good bit today but wore my icers as it’s so slippery out. We hit 38F today and the snow is melting and refreezing at night.

                  Love how inviting these trails are! 
                 Willie Nelson the dog was with me                        
                 but  wouldn’t stand still for a picture 
                  as there were so many deer prints. 
                              Happy Thursday 

Friday, February 4, 2022

Snow Hook Snow Hook

 Yes, I’m less irritable but not myself. Thanks for the encouragements. 

At the advice of one of you I took an online zoom course with Deana of Ribbon Candy Rug Hooking: designing like Magdelena Briner Eby. The class was small and we interacted easily. Deana sent out lots of copyright free designs for us to experiment with. I love history so hearing Briner Eby’s story was a bonus. And there was a link to the recorded session for later. At  $45 I don’t think you can beat it. 

Our province is getting blasted with a foot and a half of snow so hubby and I are home today.         I put together a cake for a party we’re attending Saturday. Made do without grocery trip, so I used an apple pie filling I’d made and frozen back in October. The result, a Bundt with a crumb topping, looks good. 

I also worked a lot on the Woolen Memories pattern while watching Celebrating Appalachia on YouTube. (Tipper is amazing).  

I can see the dark area above a flower needs to be lightened but I’m liking it so far. The paw print on the top photo is traced from one of beloved dog Lucy.          I started this rug before she died and reader Peggy of Canada suggested that.   
And my son’s friend was in a store in Connecticut and took this photo as it struck him funny. As it did our family with our wonky senses of humour.

Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Irritability Warning

This isn’t a hooking blog today. This is a vent space for me today. 

I’ve been incredibly irritable for two days. I’m post menopausal. My hot flashes come one on top of the other, I’ve got cold sores all over my lips. That’s a new one that came four months ago… and everything anyone does rankles me: People being mean, people being kind, people needing from me, people giving generously to me, people’s bad habits, people’s good habits. 

I’m sure the fault lies in this bag of bones but I’d like it to have an outside reason. 

I’m a Jesus girl and the last thing I want to do is sit still with Jesus and meditate on the why. 

Which means that’s probably best for me. 

So, I googled Bible verse on irritability and the results were verse on anger (not the same) and bitterness (not the same either, thank you ). AND they were compiled by men. Which also pissed me off. Let me put off kilter hormones in your brains and cold sores on your lips and then I dare you to write your pithy messages.

Double dare.

Ok, I’m done. 

Here’s me enjoying a chilly snowshoe with hubby before irritability. BI.