Thursday, May 16, 2019

Maine-ly Rug Hooking

Yay!!! I'm done!!
Birds & Cat from Pat Cross' book Simply Primitive
I love how the simple design and two colours speak volumes.
The colours I chose were just like the sample in the book.
Where will I hang this?
I think I'll wait as we are putting our house on market soon.
No use sticking in new nail holes...
We'll be downsizing but staying in the same town we've grown to love.

Soon I'll be heading South to see family and get warm (ha ha!)
I'll be going through Maine.
Did you know how many rug hooking places there are in Maine??
To name a few: 
Parris House Wool Works, Cherylyn Brubaker, Halcyon Yarns,
 Camp Wool, W. Cushing, 1840 House Jacqueline Designs!
Yee haw. Just have to persuade my driver to stop.

I got Lucy groomed today.
This is five minutes after she exited the car.
Had to dig up a bone. 

Our area was 36F yesterday and rainy.
Just miserable.
Today was not so bad but drizzly.
Still, I walked for an hour and feel better
for it mentally.

Can you believe May is half over?
May your day be wooly wonderful.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mothering Day

Celebratory days can be hard as we’re so far from family.
My mom, dad and siblings are together in NC honouring Mom’s Day 
and my nephew’s graduation from Duke.
Today in New Brunswick it will be 50 degrees but sunny.
We’re having a picnic supper with several in the same ex-pat situation;
three are from Australia, one is from Mexico, and another from Ghana.
With a nod to my Southern roots 
we are having sloppy joes, baked beans and banana pudding.

  This is a pattern by Black Sheep Wool that I hooked
many years ago- it's my most motherly image!

And here are my own Sweet Peas, all grown and just terrific.

A loving shout out to my own mother who so splendidly gave and gives her best.
I think back over the years to women who didn’t have children of their own but who mothered
me when my mom couldn’t be there! 
Thank you for your mothering gifts.
They were priceless in my formation and they continue to be.
 My heart overflows today.