Thursday, March 9, 2023

Sheila’s Brush


All is done but the binding on this Garrett Bluenose pattern. I’ve got a turquoise Briggs and Little wool yarn to bind it and I think I’ll fold/roll the burlap edge to the front and whip it that way. 

The next mat on my frame will likely be a geometric meant to use up those wooly worms! 

Monday I’m taking a close friend to Amherst, NS to shop at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s wool store and Della Ackles’ wool shop too! It’s great that there are two places for hookers in one town. But as wonderful as hooking stores are, the long drive there and back will be most fun. “C” and  I laugh ourselves silly and solve the world’s problems too…

I had day surgery today and am glad it’s behind me. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. Someday, such exploratory surgeries will be non-existent.

 Friend “B” is having major surgery for her cancerous tumour next Wednesday. She has to travel five hours to another province for it. Her friend group will gather around her to pray this weekend. I’m so grateful for such friends. Amazing. My younger sister says it’s rare but I’ve always been blessed with such a group.

July will bring a trip to Scotland with my elderly dad and one sister. August will find me and hubby at another archaeological site, this time digging up human remains. That should prove very interesting.

Snows are on the way for next week in New Brunswick- these are so typical around St Patty’s Day that they are known as Sheila’s Brush. Sheila sweeps the remaining snow from the cloud stores before spring is ushered in.

Happy Friday!