Thursday, September 24, 2020

September Flying

September is flying

The leaves are beginning to turn
here on the town walking trails of New Brunswick.

I have decluttering jobs here and there
but for the most part my time is mine right now.
I framed two cross stitches which I finished in August:

They will go on the walls of our rv
which are pitifully bare.
I’m trying to locate all of my rug hooking supplies;
since the move to our temporary apartment the
boxes are in chaos.

I’m also stitching a small piece from 
Modern folk on Etsy.
It’s a Japanese alphabet for my daughter who
loves Japan and speaks a little Japanese.

The highlight of my week was seeing 
two special friends visit at a nursing home.
The 81 and 94 year old besties have been apart since
They communicate using 
Two handed British Manual language because
one of them is deaf AND blind. 
Words are spelled into the hand using specific points 
on the hand.

As the time drew to a close, the 94 year old said,
“I wish we could all get good and drunk.”
I had debated bringing gin, but their current medication 
wouldn’t jive with it.
They both endure painfully lonely times.
There are three cases in the province now so we 
need to take advantage before the numbers rise.

Happy Fall to All.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Kings Landing visit

My favourite place in New Brunswick 
is Kings Landing!
The collection of homes from different
eras of NB life is magical.
Being a feeler of history (I sense age and am enraptured)
I become a kid when I go there.

This particular trip was a treat from friend Teresa.
Including lunch: a spectacular pheasant stew,
molasses brown bread, cider and gingerbread.

Take a gander at some of the sights we enjoyed:


From the open hearth cooking and harvested
fields to the worker making molasses 
cookies and the animals in their pens—
we had entered a different time!

After gaining permission, Teresa and I picked 
globe amaranth for dried bouquets.
A farm hand and actor then invited us to 
glean the fields for any squash and veg left over.
We filled a huge bag and topped them with their apples!

I call this kind of day a “soul feeder.”
The cares of the world were put on hold while
we indulged in an escape.

May your weekend have soul feeder moments...