Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Sunday snow day

I’ve made some progress on my son’s rug over the last week. 

I started to hook the border strip in a dark blue-gray but it was not working so I pulled it out. 

I’m afraid I’ll have to send this to Montreal as I don’t think we will be able to see each other in person for some time to come. 

Making different soups lately in large batches. Eating some and freezing more. The hamburger veg was yummy as was the creamy squash. We love winter soups and stews.

Coping with news of cancer returned in a good friend. An eight inch tumour in a woman who weighs under 100 pounds is a grim thing. We had a meal with them last night and it was a sweet time. Despite the situation it is a wonder to see all the blessings God is working in that family!

This beautiful mess we call life is something isn’t it? 

This afternoon we met some friends for some snowshoeing. The woods were something to behold.

That’s my hubby- married 31 years on Wednesday. We stopped for a short break of cocoa with creme de menthe. ‘Twas a workout for certain.

We last an area where they were giving horse drawn sleigh rides. An old friend of mine- who grew up with no car-fondly recalled riding in the “pung” to get places in rural New Brunswick. Imagine! 

May you have a good week ahead!