Saturday, April 16, 2022

Easter Greetings

Flowers free from local grocery because they lost the price list and were harried.
 Hooked heart by Lauren of rugsandpugs blog. 
I won it in her Valentine draw and finally crossed the border to claim my US mail. Thank you again Lauren. It’s charming and fits perfectly with the great Love sacrifice of the season.

Happy Easter All

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Easter Week

 After my normal decluttering clients last week coupled with the dog sitting gig, this week is pretty quiet.
I made another batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls and froze all but a couple for Easter morning.
It really is a super recipe if you’ve got a starter going.

I hung out loads of laundry- which feels soooo good after a long winter if dryer use.

I also finished sewing a backing and loop onto this mat which was hooked by a wonderful blind woman.
She tells me the colours and pattern she’d like and I draw and select wools and then I hook the outline around small areas. 
She hooks inside the outline. These two smart penguins measure about 14x8”. 

The other teacher in this weekly class is in seclusion until her hubby gets his surgery. She’s the dyer and colour planner extraordinaire.

Lastly, I made candles for my daughter.
 Aren’t they sweet ?
 I haven’t made any in a while and she prefers pure peppermint  essential oil soy candles.  Thankfully I found a deal on oil at Marshall’s.

Kate has an interesting blend of thrift and expensive taste. I guess maybe I do too. I shop at thrifts and sleep on  all linen sheets. 🥸
Kate just started her new archives’ job in Montreal.
She loves it! It’s full time (30 hours a week instead of 35 though ) with Fridays off. 
Very different job benefits than what we had in the US.

Happy Easter week. 
If you’re observing the final
days of Christ’s time on earth, may you have fresh understanding followed by a joyful 
reminder that Christ has risen, indeed!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Enchanted April?

 I’m dog and house sitting (again)- all week for good friends.
Sweet dog Jesse and I walk in the strawberry fields near his home.
He’s off leash at this place.
When I ask if he wants to go walkies he jumps vertically!

Hubby ordered a sourdough starter and I took some and made an awesome batch of cinnamon rolls—
probably the best I’ve ever eaten.
I used for the recipe and added raisins and walnuts and a regular glaze vs. their cream cheese frosting. I mean who wants those extra calories?🤣

Since I took weight off last year and relearned better eating habits, it was not tempting to eat more than one and I froze the remainder.

I completed the repairs on the auction find,
leaving the former repairs someone made in place. 
Call me sentimental.
And after…
         It does need a good steamy pressing.

Picking back up a 2021 Fall rug was hard but I’m gonna work on that sucker. 
Originally NOT an autumn or night rug, I added motifs and subtracted others to the marvellous pattern “Antique Shop” by Sandy of Woolen Memories.

It’s 36x38. Not yet sure if I’ll do that border.
I’ll do some border, of course.
And those red balls in the left centre are apples which need to be pulled out. Too big. 

May our week be full of being in the present, noticing the beauty of Spring around us and helping anyone in need with whatever we’re blessed with- big or small.