Thursday, March 9, 2023

Sheila’s Brush


All is done but the binding on this Garrett Bluenose pattern. I’ve got a turquoise Briggs and Little wool yarn to bind it and I think I’ll fold/roll the burlap edge to the front and whip it that way. 

The next mat on my frame will likely be a geometric meant to use up those wooly worms! 

Monday I’m taking a close friend to Amherst, NS to shop at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s wool store and Della Ackles’ wool shop too! It’s great that there are two places for hookers in one town. But as wonderful as hooking stores are, the long drive there and back will be most fun. “C” and  I laugh ourselves silly and solve the world’s problems too…

I had day surgery today and am glad it’s behind me. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. Someday, such exploratory surgeries will be non-existent.

 Friend “B” is having major surgery for her cancerous tumour next Wednesday. She has to travel five hours to another province for it. Her friend group will gather around her to pray this weekend. I’m so grateful for such friends. Amazing. My younger sister says it’s rare but I’ve always been blessed with such a group.

July will bring a trip to Scotland with my elderly dad and one sister. August will find me and hubby at another archaeological site, this time digging up human remains. That should prove very interesting.

Snows are on the way for next week in New Brunswick- these are so typical around St Patty’s Day that they are known as Sheila’s Brush. Sheila sweeps the remaining snow from the cloud stores before spring is ushered in.

Happy Friday!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Mats from the Past

These are some old mats which I’ve come across with my work. I love being able to touch and study each one
It’s like touching history.
The cream “fabric” which is the greatest makeup of first mat is actually corn husks! I’ve hooked with some challenging wools in my time but never like that. 
The second photo is a close up of those loops. 

Likely a Garrett Bluenose pattern (above)

This is a Maltese Cross with flower centres (above)

Another Garrett Bluenose…

     Sometimes we know what family these come from but the frustrating part is not being able to identify the maker. Women (most often the maker in our area), viewed these as necessity for cold floors, not as worthy of her signature. 

This week the New Brunswick Mat Registry will once again hold a registry day: mats made in NB or by an NB maker which are 25 years or older will be photographed, historical narrative recorded and tagged. 
I love that this is preserving history forward!

Friday, February 17, 2023

Retreat Gallery of Mats

Monday through Thursday went by swiftly. The rug hooking retreat (15 of us)
was loads of fun. 
And we got a lot done. 
Here are some of the incredible mats…

The last 3 pieces are 6x6 mats by Caroline Simpson. She is a new and superb teacher.

I even managed a couple solitary walks by Renforth dock here in St. John, NB.  
I didn’t see vehicles on the ice until we were set to leave. I realized the ice huts were much closer to the shore than in years past. It’s been a milder winter.

And thank goodness for the walks as the caterer was constantly feeding us delicious food: three meals plus two breaks of fresh baked yummies and raw veggies.

I’ll post photos of mine and my progress another time.

Monday, February 13, 2023

Sweet sweet retreat


This hooked heart, by Lauren of rugs and pugs blog, is front and centre for Valentine’s week! It’s so prim and wonderful! 

Today I’m going to a rug hooking retreat- and it doesn’t end until Thursday! Oh bliss! I selected a Garrett Bluenose pattern, a floral and Greek key design. I started hooking with reds and an oatmeal background and then switched to dark antique-y colours:

I’ll probably change it up again at the retreat. Sigh. I dislike when colours don’t sing to me and life is too short for hooking combos that don’t.

Well, it’s time to go over my checklist again before I head out. Every hooking supply imaginable? Check. Wine? Check. Doorprize? Check. Shortbread? Check. Favourite pillow? Check….

Happy Valentine’s week to you 

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Mug Rugs and Chocolate

Brutal cold means hubby, me and Reggie cat are indoors! Brrrrrr. -45 (with wind chill) is same temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.   

I bought a cute mug at Marshall’s and hooked a mug mat to go with it. This is my donation to a gift basket at a hook-in. Maybe I’ll add a box of teas but right now the cost is prohibitive!!!

Yesterday I was jones-ing for a chocolate cake so I made one, ate a generous slice and sent the remainder with hubby to his band practice. This is how I deal with my baking and eating desires.

I used the recipe from addapinch. The icing would get full marks but I found the cake could have been moister. 

My next mat will be from the Garrett Bluenose collection. The pattern, which has a central floral with Greek key border, is being enlarged for me. Hubby suggested blues and golds which sounds like a winner.

Stay warm all! I haven’t heard one bird today so I think they must be keeping each other cozy in their nests.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Lady and Horse

Lady and Horse is done!
Finished Size 14.5x14”
Thank you Saundra Porter for the challenge; this block comes from the Reconciliation Quilt of 1867!

 I’m not sure what I will hook next.

In my candle making world I’ve been looking for a smoke/campfire fragrance oil. I’d had some good stuff from Northwoods Distributing but they changed their formula. A bit of a gamble, but I ordered some from Canwax— paying more for the shipping than the product— but I am very pleased with the scent throw. Think hearth from a log cabin. Lovely!

Even with the pricier shipping I made 4 good candles to the single one I would have bought premade online. Candles are expensive!! 

Saturday I had three friends over for brunch. One was turning 63 and one was mourning the return of a fast acting cancer. Five hours later we were done, having exhausted ourselves laughing and crying and eating.

Though we have a skiff of snow over ice I am donning my crampons over boots and going for a walk. Talking to God and immersing myself  in creation is a great rejuvenator for me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Challenges challenges

 Too bright, too dull, too this, too that… this simple pattern has me pulling my hair out. I’ve changed colours of the lady’s shirt and the animals many times. Next actions will be to outline the pussycat in the tree and shut the pattern in a closed room for a day. 

Saundra of Woodland Junction blog is having challenges too. Be sure to check out her progress.

For those just joining me, this block is from the Reconciliation Quilt of 1867. Did the creator have this many issues?!

On another note, our little rug group has a new challenge: to hook a mat from the Garrett Bluenose patterns. These are copyright free now. We will celebrate the end of the challenge in September with a little party and prizes.

I signed up for the rug retreat in NB next month. It’s the casual, teacher-less hooking camp near Rothesay. Cannot wait!