Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday Catch Up

I purchased this twin sized quilt for $15 from our local thrift. I like the wonky spots too. Currently it’s soaking in some oxi and mild detergent. Tomorrow I’ll hang it on the line outside.

Maybe a first quilt for someone. 😀
I’ve also been hooking on my antique repro and 
perhaps liking it a smidge more. 
Our rug hooking guild continues to zoom every Tuesday. There are talks of meeting outdoors with distance between, once temps rise. 
In Atlantic Canada this may be a while.

My daughter finished her Master’s in Library Science. 
She wants to be an archivist. 
Here she is with our son yesterday.
They both live in Montreal but have to be careful about visits.

Our son is a PhD student- a hard thing to swing in this  time. Some of his peers opted to keep their masters and
dropped out. 
This weekend we’ll have friends from our
Covid bubble over for supper (ham noodle casserole and peanut butter pie) and I’ve reserved a spot to view a fibre exhibit at our local university.

May you feel JOY as you create !


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

1879 Folksy Rug

 I found this on an antiques’ site

Having no clues about size I sketched 
it on my remaining chunk of linen.
It’s 18x25.
Overly bright, I’ve toned down my wool post- hooking
with strong coffee and a paint brush.

Like the creator, I’m making do with the colours I have. 
We’re still in an apartment, have a lot in storage, and are house hunting. 
Not happy with it at first, I am coming around.

The raffle draw for the rug our guild hooked is tonight.
The thing has been around my home for a year. 
(No, I didn’t buy any tickets, but sold many.)
We’ve raised around $1,050 for an historic mat registry of our province.
If you’re interested:

The past weeks have been up and down:
news of a friend with another bout of aggressive cancer as she expects her second grandchild and hasn’t hit 60,
joy of talking to family via phone and zoom, 
a bad report from the scan of a yet to be born relative,
and the miracle celebration of the God man
come to earth...

Is life always like this? 
I think it must be after all.
May you experience the joys of the day more than the pains.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday Notes

Atlantic Canada is heating up! Welcome Spring! Goodbye snows. Actually we call this Mud Season and we keep old towels by the entry for dogs and people alike.

My son’s rug is finished and en route to Montreal via Ups.

If I could afford an embroidered label for every rug I would buy them. And personally, I don’t like the fill in the blank labels or the messy look of writing on the rug tape.

I’ve been creating simple wool pockets on the back of the rug and writing a personal notes (with rug information) for the pocket. Here I’ve pulled the paper out for show, but it fits down deep in the pocket. 

That’s it! Nothing much new. Having some apps and wine on the deck of a friend’s home later. We haven’t seen her in ages due to covid. Church services have long been meeting for prayer with close friends anyway (nothing to do with covid tho), and that doesn’t always fall on Sunday.  

Have a week of hope as Easter nears...

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Hooked Rugs and life

I’m done hooking the rug I designed for 
my son’s 30th — last year.
More obvious in reality, but still subdued, are
words between the leaves which describe his interests and abilities.
I didn’t want that too bright as he may be embarrassed to display it.
I will make a little wool pocket on the back to house 
details of the rug and of my son♥️

The other small mat I made was the product of a challenge from the blog of 
Saundra of Woodland Junction.
It’s an antique design which Saundra drew out for me
but I had no means to print it so I drew it.
We were asked to use no wool but other materials we had around. I used pillowcases and T-shirts and jeans.
The pink was too bright so I coffeed it down.
The cotton pillowcase strips were wide enough to make my arm and shoulder ache so I smartened up and made them narrower. Same with the jeans. The tshirts were a pleasure to hook.

I visited a friend at her lake house Friday and Saturday.
What a treat!
Though the lake was still frozen enough to bring out the snowmobiles, the sun was warm and the conversation good.

She has a flair for making it cozy.
And Miss. Lucy was almost as excited as I when a box from The Wool Studio arrived! She is testing out her sleep quality on it.                                                      That was a splurge purchase with customs 😤

And our hooking group finished Chicago by RHF in memory of Gisele, our former coordinator. The centre is purple. Looks black here. We’re raffling it off with proceeds going to NB May Registry. So far we’ve made $900! Sorry that we can’t take etransfers from the US.

The week ahead begins cold and hits 52f. Crazy warm.

Have a good week! 


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Sunday snow day

I’ve made some progress on my son’s rug over the last week. 

I started to hook the border strip in a dark blue-gray but it was not working so I pulled it out. 

I’m afraid I’ll have to send this to Montreal as I don’t think we will be able to see each other in person for some time to come. 

Making different soups lately in large batches. Eating some and freezing more. The hamburger veg was yummy as was the creamy squash. We love winter soups and stews.

Coping with news of cancer returned in a good friend. An eight inch tumour in a woman who weighs under 100 pounds is a grim thing. We had a meal with them last night and it was a sweet time. Despite the situation it is a wonder to see all the blessings God is working in that family!

This beautiful mess we call life is something isn’t it? 

This afternoon we met some friends for some snowshoeing. The woods were something to behold.

That’s my hubby- married 31 years on Wednesday. We stopped for a short break of cocoa with creme de menthe. ‘Twas a workout for certain.

We last an area where they were giving horse drawn sleigh rides. An old friend of mine- who grew up with no car-fondly recalled riding in the “pung” to get places in rural New Brunswick. Imagine! 

May you have a good week ahead!


Monday, January 18, 2021

Mighty Oaks Issues

Been experiencing muscle fatigue—covid tests were negative. That was my first experience with the nostril test and of course I jerked back making it more uncomfortable. Ah well.

I’m working on my son’s 30th birthday rug again.                 I had put it away as the colours and style weren’t singing to me.                                                           

I’m a primitive gal at heart but my son isn’t a big fan. Scrolling the net for ideas, I decided to use the arts and crafts movement style. Posters from that era depict black outlined graphics and fewer shades of colour.       It seems to be working so far with my design.

 I’ve taken liberties with the colour of the leaves.
Oak leaves turn brown and drop off or hang out until spring. The initials in the leaves are all the places he’s lived. We moved LOTS as young marrieds 
with lots of schooling. 
 The shadow across the acorn is my camera.
I’ve long thought of my son along with that quote. 
He was even born at Fair Oaks hospital! 

Got a roast with loads of veg on for today, and
a walk to challenge my tired muscles and a
call to mom because dad emailed that she’s having a rough mental health/covid day.  
I believe mental health issues will plague us for many 
years due to this damned pandemic. 
Create and do something positive. 
I watered my house plants! 


Saturday, January 9, 2021




I've taken solace in some rug hooking, house tidying, walks,

 lots of prayer, and reading the likes of Henri Nouwen. 

Shows like "Escape to the Country" and "Great British Bake-Off" 

are also lovely.

Sometimes I feel the anxiety in  body but my mind 

feels at peace.

Other times my mind races but the body feels relaxed.

At the worst moments, both are engaged.

Hubby is back to Keto and I'm back to favoring vegetarian.

What a Clash of Kitchen Titans!

After completing all my commissioned ornaments

I set out to do 5 more dogs for family gifts. 

I feel I've lost my muse.

These 2 I've begun and am stalled on:

What I'd most like to do is re-start one for my son's 30th birthday

 but let my creativity flow with it.

So perhaps I'll do both and...

How are you coping? Or not?