Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Rainy September

What a rainy cool day! 
I feel some stirring to prepare for the upcoming Winter already.
I have a new client from 7-9 every morning;
a super schedule that pays well and gives me the day!
Today I returned home, made a cup of tea and lit a fav candle.
Here’s a plug for my fav candles:
 I used to buy Swan Creek exclusively but my tastes have changed.
Gable House Goodes turns out more primitive, homey scents.
The lit one is a clove molasses scent.
The Olde Salem candle small like all the good things
in an old house.
My K Creations bargain of a frame arrived and 
I love it.

I took it to the first booking meeting of the year last night
and my friend, Ute, presented me with a cover she made!
Wasn’t that thoughtful? 
And it fits perfectly! 
We had some interest shown in our home which has 
been on the market since June:
Here’s hoping!
Happy Humpday

Sunday, September 8, 2019


Atlantic Canada got Dorian-
Here in my town we had strong winds and 2 inches of rain.
In other parts they had 5" of rain and category 2 winds.
Apparently Nova Scotia is 80% without power.
The storm brought cooler air too, so out came these:
My wool socks from Briggs & Little mills nearby.
I have 4 pair and they are toasty.

I've also been working on cleaning yellow stains off a 60 year old quilt.
Much came off with OxyClean, both from soaking and washing,
but a friend recommended this Italian soap and I was lucky to
find it locally.
(My friend used this to hand clean a yellowed wedding dress and
she couldn't believe the difference.)

Here is the quilt, a twin size plus and hand stitched. 

A client gave me this quilt while I was helping
her declutter. 
She was disgusted to find it so stained
and asked me to keep it or pass it to the thrift store.
I decided I'd try to remove the stains and then
offer it back to her.
As it was made by her mother she may want it but in good repair.

I've also been making lasagna today to take to a family 
who just lost their elderly mom.
The house is filled with the delicious smells of sauce and meat.

I handed off the guild project rug to someone else and now
I will turn to my own for hooking again! 

Warm socks, baking and quilts--
all cozy representations of domesticity.
Happy Week...

Saturday, August 31, 2019

RV Life

One week in rv camp and I must say we love it.
Days spent by the river or in the river
Or hunting frogs

Lucy only killed one frog 
She likes the chase and will do it for hours.
With  a bathroom and tv we are 
hardly roughing it...
The only thing I have missed is hooking 
on a rug.
I decided that my hooking stuff would take up
too much room and be more of a hassle on this first foray 
into camping.
Now I am more familiar with the space we have.
And I have  gotten a fold down frame 
and put in an order for a travel Bolivar with 6 & 8 heads.

Anyway, this rv park is small and friendly.
It’s run by a couple who sold up everything in BC 
and came east three years ago.
This weekend we have community cards and camp fires 
and a corn boil.
And yes we have Labor Day weekend here in Canada as they do in
the States. 
May your Long Weekend be a good one!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cleaning Up

Cleaning out a wool room is no fun
But when you HAVE to clean it out it’s a real drag
It’s forcing me to separate my colours into huge boxes.
Try sorting oranges from golds when there is little difference.
And showing me that I have-brace yourselves- too much wool.
If I hooked every day for the rest of my life I would use a quarter of it.
But some forgotten treasures have popped up: extra red dot, two UFOs,
long forgotten patterns (I used to sell on eBay), Sharpies, hook books, a
punch needle.... the list goes on.

I had to stop working mid day when I decided to clear out
a box of my son’s.
I reached into the dark recesses and came
out with a fishing hook embedded deep in my pointer finger.
The other barbs were attached to a lunch bag and two T-shirt’s.
It was quite a sight until I cut off the extras.
I took a pic later but will spare you.
Our Canadian ER is notorious for six and eight hour waits so my neighbors
took me to their doctor nearby.
The office is closed to new patients UNLESS you happen to
walk in with an STI (formerly STD).
We joked that I could tell them I’d drop my pants after
they removed the fish hook.
But no need, they took me and an hour later I left with
a tetanus shot, a bandaged finger and a tube of polysporin.
Just when I want to complain about our healthcare they do something
This is hubby Erik and Lucy. 
Lucy loves rides on anything:
 wheelbarrows, kayaks,cars.
Such a sweet old furry face!
And I was up in Erik's office yesterday and had forgotten
that I had lent him one of my rug's for his decor.
Here it is, hooked about four years ago.
Wonky camera angle.
I was surprised that it has faded so much.
Well, I'm off to test the new rv today.
The hitching and unhitching has me unnerved.
Here is our new toy:
And I turn 49 soon.
Scary fast this life is!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

August Waning

Rug hooking groups don’t meet in summer?
Bring a hooker to you.
I threw a pot pie in the oven and set a vase
of garden flowers and some Chardonnay
on the back deck and viola!
 My German friend, Ute, and I had a super
couple of hours of hooking, eating, and catching up.

Last week hubby and I went up to northern
New Brunswick.
 In our 12 years here, we'd never been
and we wanted to look at rvs along the Bay of Chaleur.
The word "chaleur" refers to warmth but certainly it
must apply to the people and not the water temps.
Brrrr... not a soul was swimming but fishing and beach combing.
 Rugged and raw beauty!
 There were these huge piles of debris
along the water, guess they will be bonfires soon.

I have a part-time decluttering job.
Look what I discovered today at her home:
This is a small 10" x 12" (ish) mat attached to a stool.
Guess who hooked it? Doris Eaton! 
My client won it at a political function years ago.
I love the beautiful simplicity...

Time is flying and there is much to do before we depart 
on a one year rv sabbatical and tour of the US. 
The house needs to sell.
Say a prayer if you're so inclined.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

August Musings

So I’m saving my pennies and hoping for a house sale soon
to purchase the travel Bolivar cutter with a number 6 and 8 head.
I’ve done little hooking over the last few weeks
 but what I have done has been part of a group project.
Our Evening Matters rug hooking group calls this Gisele’s Rug 
after our wonderful leader who
died unexpectedly a day before her retirement.
It’s actually an RHG design called
 Chicago T33 and is approximately 26”
X 38.”

Gisele had done the colour planning and had the bulk of the wools.
We have been hooking on it in hopes of raffling it off- 
with proceeds going to the New Brunswick Registry, a project dear to Gisele.

The registry is a historic recording of rugs hooked in the province 
over the last 25 years.
Professional photos and data are taken of each rug and stored and shared
on a website. See  
Obviously the 25 year window changes each year so more and more are added.

And though our home has yet to sell, we are trusting that the timing will be just right.
The morning and evening temps already feel cooler.
My hollyhocks are passing peak and echinacea and
bee balm are making their appearances.

It is the garden with its squirrels and goldfinches, it’s chickadees and pigeons,
it’s robins and juicy worms which feeds my soul and gives me relief
from the world’s troubles.
May your week be wonder-filled.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Colds and Cutters

Writing from a state of achey body lethargy.
Summer colds are worse than winter colds
cuz everyone else is outside playing!
Supposed to be at a beer fest trying 
New Brunswick ciders 
I never had a taste for beer.

Soooooo I’ve found myself in the position 
of needing a new cutter.
I’m drawn to the less expensive Bolivar
but the BeeLine/Townsend looks super too.
I’m googling from my sick bed to compare them.

What about y’all? Preferences? Other cutters?