Thursday, June 20, 2019

Of Moving and Moose

This prepping the house for sale fiasco is for the birds.
The current practice is to get rid of anything that
looks personal and then stage it.
Well I’m already tired of feeling like I live on a movie set - 
each thing we touch or mess up
has to be put back in place.
Have y’all seen Escape to the Country?
No staging there.
Happily, our lilacs are out, making the home extra pretty!
 Our neighbourhood excitement this morning was the rogue, 
teenage moose loose in the park beside our house. 
The forestry department is shooting it with tranquilizers for relocation. 
Poor, poor thing he must be terrified.

And a shot of Lucy who always wipes her face on 
the huge wool rug after she's had a treat.
The whiskers look too cute for a scolding.
I must get out Grandma's Rug today. 
I love that it's geometric and easy to stop and start!

Friday, June 14, 2019

I’ve been decluttering like mad to get this house market ready.
The agent suggested I use the wool room as the packing area as it
already has so many boxes 😬.
Then I thought I was nearing the end and had a
Home Stager come in and I had a brand new list of to-dos.
You can tell the dog isn’t used to my cleaning as it is making her
very nervous!
I started on “Grandma’s rug.”
This was a free pattern in the Mar/Apr/May 
1995 RHM issue.
I thought I deserved a break from the sorting and boxing
so I went with a friend to her cottage at the head pond.
The head pond refers to the body of water at the top of the dam.
O it’s wonderful!
She and her hubby are building the cottage slowly but steadily.
We sat on the upper deck with hook
 (her rug is fall leaves and my Grandma rug) 
and wine in hand as the winds rustled the birches and the sun shone down.
When we drove home from NC, we stopped outside of Portland, Maine
at Mackworth Island State Park and did a hike around.

 The island was quintessential Maine with its evergreens,
rocky coasts and clear, cold water.
One portion along the trail had a fairy house forests.
Dozens and dozens of little fairy houses dotted the
area- all made from forest floor offerings.
My hubby and I added to the construction of a couple.
Dog Lucy was good and just sniffed.
We highly recommend this enchanting place if you
are in the area.
Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Home A Jig Jig

The old nursery rhyme: "home again home again jiggedy jig"
was one we used when our kids were little
to let them know we were returning home.
But I shortened it calling it "home a jig jig."
So, yes we are home again in Canada
 after a very fun,very warm trip South.

We managed to stop at one hooking place,W. Cushing in Wells, Maine.
I also wanted to return to Camp Wool in Kennebunk.
Alas they are closed Tuesdays and that
was my only day.

But Cushing was fun and Liseanne and her
employee were welcoming and helpful
even with an informal hook-in going on.
Outside was welcoming but the cozy warren of rooms
 and loot inside was most fun.
An assortment of hook books, antiques and pottery.
Hooked models and wool remnants.
I must say these gals were very quiet. 
Our bunch would have sounded like a buzzy beehive!
Cupboards of offerings. Something to see everywhere.
Threads for the puncher and stitcher.
I was tempted by the ornaments.
My loot:
Two wools, dye, needles, a pattern, tape and a quilted bag.
Wouldn't you say I was pretty behaved?
I would recommend stopping in,
even going out of your way to pop in, 
to this well stocked store.
We were on time constraints but I
could have spent well over an hour here.
Lucky for my purse, I could not.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Maine-ly Rug Hooking

Yay!!! I'm done!!
Birds & Cat from Pat Cross' book Simply Primitive
I love how the simple design and two colours speak volumes.
The colours I chose were just like the sample in the book.
Where will I hang this?
I think I'll wait as we are putting our house on market soon.
No use sticking in new nail holes...
We'll be downsizing but staying in the same town we've grown to love.

Soon I'll be heading South to see family and get warm (ha ha!)
I'll be going through Maine.
Did you know how many rug hooking places there are in Maine??
To name a few: 
Parris House Wool Works, Cherylyn Brubaker, Halcyon Yarns,
 Camp Wool, W. Cushing, 1840 House Jacqueline Designs!
Yee haw. Just have to persuade my driver to stop.

I got Lucy groomed today.
This is five minutes after she exited the car.
Had to dig up a bone. 

Our area was 36F yesterday and rainy.
Just miserable.
Today was not so bad but drizzly.
Still, I walked for an hour and feel better
for it mentally.

Can you believe May is half over?
May your day be wooly wonderful.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mothering Day

Celebratory days can be hard as we’re so far from family.
My mom, dad and siblings are together in NC honouring Mom’s Day 
and my nephew’s graduation from Duke.
Today in New Brunswick it will be 50 degrees but sunny.
We’re having a picnic supper with several in the same ex-pat situation;
three are from Australia, one is from Mexico, and another from Ghana.
With a nod to my Southern roots 
we are having sloppy joes, baked beans and banana pudding.

  This is a pattern by Black Sheep Wool that I hooked
many years ago- it's my most motherly image!

And here are my own Sweet Peas, all grown and just terrific.

A loving shout out to my own mother who so splendidly gave and gives her best.
I think back over the years to women who didn’t have children of their own but who mothered
me when my mom couldn’t be there! 
Thank you for your mothering gifts.
They were priceless in my formation and they continue to be.
 My heart overflows today.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

April Showers

Well, our little corner of New Brunswick
has hit more flooding...
could the waters at last be receding?
I shot this of our town square in the foreground.
Behind the trees? The river!
All connected now.
The white bits are chunks of ice.

But (seemingly) timed perfectly with the yearly floods
is our local, annual Highwater Hook-In.
It was held in a new spot: a huge church gym with plenty of light.
Pots of tea, muffins, fruits, sandwiches, and cake filled our tums
while raffles and hooking and chit chat warmed our spirits.
Our attendance was down by a good third due
to closed roads, but here are some samples from
the rug exhibit.

Love the bright red-orange one
This is quite big and attached to a supportive wood frame
Complete with real checkers!
William Morris winner
I'm a sucker for geometrics
See above comment!
Santa takes centre stage
Another very large work of art!
This is a small runner made entirely from someone's winnings at Left, Right, and Centre!

So you'd think I'd have won a raffle basket given
that my chances were high from low attendance.
No indeed.
But I bought fab fudge and shopped two vendors there.
If you haven't experienced the fun of a hook-in
why not organize one yourself?
Have a sunny weekend!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!!
 May your weekend be lovely

"...looking steadfastly on Jesus the leader and completer of faith:
 who, in view of the joy lying before him, 
endured [the] cross, having despised [the] shame,
 and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."  
- Hebrews 2:2