Monday, September 6, 2021

September Tyme

 My heart is sad for so many who are suffering with these violent weather patterns. It’s only a matter of time until all of us face climate changes personally. The earth is crying. 

What makes me content, makes my heart hopeful, is doing what I love to do and spending time with those I love. I’ve been able to do both the last few days. A blessing…

Our son, his partner and my daughter are visiting!! This is the first time I’ve met the partner and he is a delight. Hopefully a keeper too. Hubby and I took them to wonderful St. Andrews by the Sea yesterday.

Son, partner and our daughter 

Daughter and I making duck lips

The day was much enjoyed with an antiques fair, a walk thru the extensive Kingsbrae Gardens, and dinner at the old Algonquin Inn. 

A rainy Labour Day has kept us indoors so I made a hearty burger soup and a pumpkin bread then turned out my first small practice batch of candles.

  I combined a fire scent with apples and pumpkin so I’ll call these Cyder by the Fire. I’ll let them cure for 2 weeks before I sample one. ‘Twas Fun! 
My dad used to make candles with paraffin wax. His were unscented but he made them with multiple colours and used flexible molds of strange shapes so popular in the 70s.

Hoping you too can find things that bring you joy and comfort too 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

19th century hooked rugs

 Another trip to one of my favourite places, Kings Landing, NB Canada.

My friend canceled at the last so it was just me. So this time I went to homes that I hadn’t visited in a while. These hooked rugs (and a couple quilts) are from the 1800s, according to KL.

The patterns are charming, some of the colours don’t do a thing for me. But sometimes I forget that the rugs were primarily for use and secondarily for beauty.

And this is what historical actors are working on today, chair pads!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Candles, Rugs, and Kraut

Well! Just when Fall makes days crisp around the edges, summer re-enters the room!

 It is muggy muggy and warm warm. 31C, that’s about 88f to you Yankees. And if you’re scoffing at that, remember many of us in Eastern Canada have no ac. 

My first experience with sauerkraut making was unsuccessful. Somehow little fruit flies entered the canister and bred. Perhaps they were already in the cabbage though. I’ll spare you the photos and I’ll try again.      

My rug by The Woolen Memories is coming along.



I’ve changed up Sandy’s pattern a bit, replacing the pears with apples, a pumpkin where a basket was and adding a moon. I may change the bush in the lower left corner to a cornstalk.
So, a daytime summer scene has been made into a night time Fall scene. I’m not liking the dark around the door so I will change it.

My passion for scented candles with cozy cabin-like scents has outgrown my budget.
I do so love scent to create atmosphere and affect mood.
I can’t find what I want here in Canada and shipping across the border-and even within the US- is now too exorbitant.
Being a crafter by nature, I’ve ordered soy wax and candle oils and will make them myself! So watch this space while I experiment with scents and conjure up candles with names like “Hearth Dried Apples” and “Gingerbread Lemon Loaf.”
Happy Thursday 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Kings Landing

 Kings Landing, New Brunswick, another lovely visit. Not too busy today and there was perfect strolling weather. Friend Lisa and I took an embroidery lesson then toured the gardens and homes. They’re all set in 1800s historical time periods.

Inordinate number of varmints this year made these necessary 

The latest Early American Life has an article on the elaborate and simple door hardware from the 1700s forward. The horseshoe hinges tickled me. 

Pregnant Onion in the clay pot; it looks much better than mine!

Friend Mike works here and plays a mean guitar

Can you make out the butterfly?
So many lovely collections of items….

And their food was wonderful— we had chowders with the fresh baked brown bread and apple ciders. I couldn’t resist taking home cinnamon rolls and a full loaf of their bread. Kinda puts me in an autumnal frame of mind ♥️

Friday, July 30, 2021

Chill in the Air

 I can’t believe how cool it has been in New Brunswick! Perhaps that is what has stirred some of my current activities.

There’s been an Early Primitive Homestead candle burning on the tabletop—emitting the scent of gingerbread.

My thoughts have turned to my Fall schedule which includes planning for our rug hooking group to meet face to face once more. 

I even prepped some cabbage to make sauerkraut.


(The rocks have been boiled to sanitize- and I ended up putting a layer of plastic wrap under them to ensure better fermentation. )
Now we wait and see..

Cooler weather also means I’m more likely to hook. I started this piece by Woolen Memories:

And here are pics of other  purchases I made on my trip. 

All were bought in Lancaster Co., Pa, save the delightful George Washington tribute cross stitch which came from Strasburg Emporium in my hometown of Strasburg, Virginia. 

This is “the long weekend,” a term used up here for holidays which include a Friday or Monday off. Monday is New Brunswick Day.
 We will celebrate with a walk to the nearby cidery to hear a friend perform old NB folk tunes. 
Many are taking this opportunity to leave the province as the covid mandates have lifted, but we’ve been away for a long time and will dog sit for a friend.

All these thoughts of Fall will soon disappear as the sun heats the region with summer once more. 
Hoping you embrace whatever weather you’re given today.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Goodies Haul

Just unpacking my trip purchases...

Here are my buys from Woolen Memories in Ware, Ma.       Sandy had a sale on some of her hand dudes, a treat for me as I usually purchase off the bolt textures.                That red striped and dotted is divine. My next project will be the large “Antique Shop” pattern on the far right.

I had a box shipped and waiting for me at my parents’ home— it was from The Wool Studio. Be still my heart.

The green plaid is “Guacamole” and is particularly lovely.

(Above): antique frog which will hold my rug hooks, antique rolling pin (Va.)for Cmas shortbread, and a small Amish made broom, yet to be freed from its binding, which is perfect for de-fuzzing a freshly hooked rug. 

And this gourd birdhouse from Pa. ‘Twas hand painted by an elderly local and a steal at $19. 

Well, I’m stumped as to why my lettering isn’t centering... anyway..

I also made some purchases at The Emporium, a huge antiques mall in my hometown of Strasburg, Va. if you’re ever there, do visit! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Trip nears end

After more than 6 weeks away, our trip is winding to an end. I think I’m ready for the most part.                  We’re doing our last overnights here in a small rv park called Two Rivers in Skowhegan, Maine.       Skowhegan doesn’t have much to offer, except a New Balance outlet, but the river and surrounds are great. 

Before we arrived in Maine we spent a few days in Rhinebeck, NY. This small town has much to offer in the way of old architecture and yummy foods and specialty shops. The windy roads and rolling green hills with stone fences are positively dreamy.


        The views of the Hudson River were stunning and the fact that our son was able to join us from NYC after seeing us just last week in NC was the icing.

This was taken at Poet’s Walk Park. Son and my hubby are posing in the area Washington Irving walked to get his inspiration. On this day the humidex was 96, so our three miler was challenging.

In town, the Beekman Arms is popular; it’s the oldest inn in US, opening in the 1760s and us purportedly where Aaron Burr and Andrew Jackson had their argument which ended in the fatal duel. I could positively smell history in the pub there. On Fridays they give ghost tours of the basement. 

 Lastly, we walked around 1800s Wilderstein House where the Suckleys summered for years. They were related to FDR.       

And I managed to visit Sandy of WOOLEN MEMORIES in Ware, Ma.                                          Her sweet she-shed, packed with patterns and wools, was dreamy.                                                                     I left with a package of new wools and two patterns. I’ll photograph these when I’m home and unpacked. 

Very grateful and happy to have been able to see family and friends again. Also that our old dog Lucy could share it all. What rich blessings ♥️♥️