Sunday, January 29, 2023

Lady and Horse

Lady and Horse is done!
Finished Size 14.5x14”
Thank you Saundra Porter for the challenge; this block comes from the Reconciliation Quilt of 1867!

 I’m not sure what I will hook next.

In my candle making world I’ve been looking for a smoke/campfire fragrance oil. I’d had some good stuff from Northwoods Distributing but they changed their formula. A bit of a gamble, but I ordered some from Canwax— paying more for the shipping than the product— but I am very pleased with the scent throw. Think hearth from a log cabin. Lovely!

Even with the pricier shipping I made 4 good candles to the single one I would have bought premade online. Candles are expensive!! 

Saturday I had three friends over for brunch. One was turning 63 and one was mourning the return of a fast acting cancer. Five hours later we were done, having exhausted ourselves laughing and crying and eating.

Though we have a skiff of snow over ice I am donning my crampons over boots and going for a walk. Talking to God and immersing myself  in creation is a great rejuvenator for me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Challenges challenges

 Too bright, too dull, too this, too that… this simple pattern has me pulling my hair out. I’ve changed colours of the lady’s shirt and the animals many times. Next actions will be to outline the pussycat in the tree and shut the pattern in a closed room for a day. 

Saundra of Woodland Junction blog is having challenges too. Be sure to check out her progress.

For those just joining me, this block is from the Reconciliation Quilt of 1867. Did the creator have this many issues?!

On another note, our little rug group has a new challenge: to hook a mat from the Garrett Bluenose patterns. These are copyright free now. We will celebrate the end of the challenge in September with a little party and prizes.

I signed up for the rug retreat in NB next month. It’s the casual, teacher-less hooking camp near Rothesay. Cannot wait!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

New Hooked Rug Book!

Here’s a shameless plug for a real treasure that was published very recently; The Garrett Bluenose Patterns is a group effort by teachers from the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick area. Besides giving well researched history on this collection, there are fantastic photos and patterns which you can hook up. In Canada the book is around $35. 

Right now I’m working on a Saundra (Woodland Junction blog) project. This was an invitation to hook up a quilt block from the famed Reconciliation Quilt of 1867. I can draw, so I sketched out my own but Saundra can do up a pattern if you struggle. 
My choice was the lady on horse but there are many to choose from. I’ll post my progress soon. Here is Saundra’s spot: