Sunday, May 30, 2021

Happy Quilt

Yard saling with friends yesterday I scored this quilt for $20. It’s gone thru two long soaks in Oxi stain remover and gentle washes and clothesline sun sanitizing!!


Isn’t she a beauty? And hand stitched. I can feel the love. She has a good home now.

I walked Willie Nelson thru the woods until we couldn’t stand the skeeters any longer. Aren’t the paths lovely and wide?

Though I’m slimming I couldn’t resist trying a new and super simple cheesecake recipe I found on The Blind Pig and Acorn blog. Adding raspberries and strawberries with honey to the top made it extra decadent and it got rave reviews at our dinner party!

Buy it make a graham cracker pie crust. 
Then mix well together the following:
8 oz cream cheese, one can of sweetened condensed milk, and 1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice.
Pour into crust and refrigerate until firm. 
(A great tip from the blog is to bake your store bought crust a little. I put mine in oven for 5 minutes on 350.)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Victoria Day Weekend

The second funeral during the covid period...  I dislike most funerals but this one was a tad more celebratory of a life well lived. The tough part of both is that people can’t comfort each other physically AND many cannot attend because of spread. Neither funeral was from the virus however.

I’m close to done with my antique replica:

I’m not overjoyed with it, but I like the hidden birds.

My next rug is drawn and ready; it will be a tavern sign for my bro-in-law’s billiards room. 
Their house is huge and his man room is sacred space for him.
My son celebrates  his “champagne birthday” this year:
31 in the 31st.
We never called it that, have you heard of it?
I do recall the old custom for Sweet 16 females: a pink corsage with a netting holding sugar lumps attached. 
Anyone remember  that one?

Well, I’m well and truly addicted to online auctions and marketplace now. I couldn’t resist this sweet old wood container...

And joy of joys! The woods are full of trillium.
Well, mosquitos and trillium, but dog and I were forced to walk faster, which is a positive.

We searched for mayflowers but I saw none at all. A bit strange, but it’s a weird sort of year.

It’s Victoria Day weekend here in Canada.
Waiting for vacation plans to be okayed...
An extra long one with a slow rv drive down the coast to my family in NC. 
Seeing our kids takes priority and we’re still trying to work that out.
And there’s a big box from The Wool Studio waiting at my folks’ house. Bonus!

May your weekend be blessed with absorbing all God’s goodness around you: whether you’re in a bad place or a good one.