Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Home Again

The only negative thing about my trip to Virginia was the positive Covid test the day after arriving home.

Between naps I have pulled a few loops.Here is an up to date pic of the Stella mat, the gift rug for my sister-in-law. It’s coming along and I think I like the way “Stella” and the “zzzzz” are not so prominent. What’re your opinions? 


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving Greetings

 May your Thanksgiving week be filled with family, friends, good memories, and a table of plenty.
I am full of gratitude for a warm home, food in the pantry, friends and family galore, the extravagant Love of Christ and the beauty of creation. 
No matter how difficult a season in life may be, there is always always, always reason to be thankful.
 If you’re in one of these may you find some joy my friend. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Snow and Changes

I’m working hard to finish “Stella,” my own drawing of my sis-in-law’s dog who loves to sleep and to chase bunnies.

I hope to complete the dog today. Snowy weather may help me stay in! This will be our first real snow in New Brunswick. 

My news is that I'm saying good-bye to volunteering with my friends at the mental health activity day centre and volunteering once a week at Kings Landing Historical Village. 

I'd have loved to work at the Kings Landing site in summers, donning a period dress and wandering the village, but hubby and I love to rv. But, I discovered their collections centre has staff year round. Don't you know they welcomed me and have me started reviewing their rug collection.

Pinch me!!!!  

In other updates....

I’ve been to a hook-in, hosted by a group from St. Andrews, NB. I sat by fellow blogger, Julia, who had a superb time too.

         The vendor was Get Hooked, Krista Taylor. 

This last weekend, two girlfriends and I went back to Ballast Lodge in Johnson’s Mills, NB. A place of solitude, we had Shepody Bay at our door.

                                      And nearby Ladysmith House hosted a Christmas Faire.

           This is my kind of gown!

I did a lot of looking and less spending--- leaving with ideas plus some fig jam and peppermint wax melts. 
Saturday we leave for Virginia, celebrating Thanksgiving with hubby's family this year. It's his turn. Safe travels to all my US friends over the holiday. Thanksgiving is my favourite: the warmth of family gatherings and delicious food without the pressure of gifts!