Saturday, December 21, 2019

Southern Seasons Greetings

I’ve been enjoying my time South immensely.
It’s such a great time to see family and be warmer.
I’m not a big shopper but in my wanderings
here I’ve loaded up on things to take North to bring
comfort to my Winter—
pewter candlesticks, linen towels, many scented candles,
and textured wools and a new hooking pattern 
(a turkey, my favourite subject).

My parents and I got to celebrate Christmas
in the lovely seaside town of Southport, NC.
The exquisitely decorated old homes, 
the handbell choir at the historic church,
the holiday market.

Merry Christmas
To All!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Guadalajara Noel

Guadalajara, Mexico!

It’s only 81 degrees but humid.
Hubby is here for a convention so
I hired a tour guide and found
a most beautiful and historic city filled with
markets and friendly people.
 Day of the dead style creations
Centre of Tlaquepaque
The textiles were amazing but I am not into the super
bright colours.
I purchased a blue and cream bed runner
and several embroidered linen tea towels.
Most of the decorative textiles are hand worked.
 Anthro museum
 Murals by Jose Clemente
We hung out with his grandson
More of the Clemente  murals
The murals were located in this former orphanage
Beautiful cathedral downtown Guadalajara
Four story San Juan de Dios market
If you can’t find it there, it doesn’t exist.

While I’m sad to miss my friends for Christmas
I’m enjoying the warmth and energy of the South.
I’m heading to NC soon for the duration of the holidays.