Monday, September 23, 2019

Wheels and Deals


Last weekend we hooked up the trailer
and drove an hour plus away to the peninsula on the St. John.
Part of a club which allows dry camping on specific places of business,
we chose Gillis of Belisle Vineyard.

The days were unseasonably warm so we did not
need the propane heater.
We walked a marsh trail with little Lucy dog,
sipped wine under the stars,
and I hooked on the stone patio while hubby caught up on 
office work.
The vineyard logo is taken from the painted quilt
at the side of the barn.
As the limit is one night's stay, we slept in
and slowly decamped to the calls of birds and bullfrogs!
My two awesome scores this weekend included
this little cross-stitch piece I put in the trailer.
Cost a whopping quarter. So sad, really.
But it has an excellent home now.
And this dry sink:

It will take elbow grease to strip it down to the wood and wax it 
 and I'd like to change the handles.
Two more house viewings over the weekend 
but no 
feedback yet.
May your week be blessed!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Rainy September

What a rainy cool day! 
I feel some stirring to prepare for the upcoming Winter already.
I have a new client from 7-9 every morning;
a super schedule that pays well and gives me the day!
Today I returned home, made a cup of tea and lit a fav candle.
Here’s a plug for my fav candles:
 I used to buy Swan Creek exclusively but my tastes have changed.
Gable House Goodes turns out more primitive, homey scents.
The lit one is a clove molasses scent.
The Olde Salem candle small like all the good things
in an old house.
My K Creations bargain of a frame arrived and 
I love it.

I took it to the first booking meeting of the year last night
and my friend, Ute, presented me with a cover she made!
Wasn’t that thoughtful? 
And it fits perfectly! 
We had some interest shown in our home which has 
been on the market since June:
Here’s hoping!
Happy Humpday

Sunday, September 8, 2019


Atlantic Canada got Dorian-
Here in my town we had strong winds and 2 inches of rain.
In other parts they had 5" of rain and category 2 winds.
Apparently Nova Scotia is 80% without power.
The storm brought cooler air too, so out came these:
My wool socks from Briggs & Little mills nearby.
I have 4 pair and they are toasty.

I've also been working on cleaning yellow stains off a 60 year old quilt.
Much came off with OxyClean, both from soaking and washing,
but a friend recommended this Italian soap and I was lucky to
find it locally.
(My friend used this to hand clean a yellowed wedding dress and
she couldn't believe the difference.)

Here is the quilt, a twin size plus and hand stitched. 

A client gave me this quilt while I was helping
her declutter. 
She was disgusted to find it so stained
and asked me to keep it or pass it to the thrift store.
I decided I'd try to remove the stains and then
offer it back to her.
As it was made by her mother she may want it but in good repair.

I've also been making lasagna today to take to a family 
who just lost their elderly mom.
The house is filled with the delicious smells of sauce and meat.

I handed off the guild project rug to someone else and now
I will turn to my own for hooking again! 

Warm socks, baking and quilts--
all cozy representations of domesticity.
Happy Week...