Saturday, August 29, 2020

50 Fifty Fiftee

Happy 50th Me!
Wow, how can it be?
I remember thoughts and feelings from when I was 2.
I remember thinking a 12 year old
in my neighborhood was old!

Hubby and I left the apartment and pets
in a friend’s care and hit the back roads
of our beautiful New Brunswick.
The day was a cool 68F.

A nursery and grill for lunch:

One of many covered bridges in this province:

After shopping a couple of antique stores
along the way we reached our destination,
Shadowlawn Inn in Rothesay, NB.
Five course meal done, we climbed the stairs to
our lovely room.

Hiking some trails the next day helped us work
off our rich foods.

I got gifts and well wishes from many
and I still have a brunch with friends
and a catered celebration this weekend
but I have to say that the Zoom call with my kids
and my parents and siblings on the eve of my
birthday was my most treasured gift.
Each recounted a fav memory of me and
a reading of what was popular in my teens—
which sent us off into even more laughter and memories.

Have a weekend full of memories and make some new ones

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Good Intentions, Gentle Thoughts

We are settling into 810 sq feet of apartment
after living in 2300 sq feet for years.
Yes we sold and donated lots but the remains 
of the storage unit will be emptied early September.

With unexpected cooler temps
(I had a blanket on last night in the deck)
my thoughts are turning to Fall colours and patterns.

I’m close to done with Good Intentions:
Designed By Kathy Barrick 

I made several mistakes and switched 
a couple colours but she’s cute!

We’ve got a family member down South waiting 
results of a covid test.
They will likely find out on their birthday.
I would be surprised if it’s positive as they’ve 
only left the house to go to outside church services
since March.

On a gentler note, being in the rv and living
outdoors led us to observe the changing 
of nature in New Brunswick.
What a comfort to know seasons continue
their march, no matter our chaos.
The geese began to congregate early August 
to chat about their trips South.
The loud honks and heavy wings beat the
hot air above us while down below
cicadas’ incessant hums filled the air.
A child was at our site when I murmured 
“Those cicadas!”
He looked at me startled, “You mean that noise?” he asked.
“I thought it was the ground saying it was hot.”
I love his version ♥️♥️♥️

May you take joy in observations of the changing seasons

Monday, August 10, 2020

Gladys Taber

The August heat is absolutely withering-
yet I am awed by the butterfly touching down on the tansy,
the two otters making their way across the stream,
away from a scolding mama bird, 
the goldenrod, dusky and plentiful by the road...

And here is my progress on
Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick.

While I loved the colour scheme initially,
I must say that I am tired of stitching BLACK.
I wonder if darkest blue wouldn’t have been a better choice,
but I’ll wait until it’s finished to judge.

My poor hubby has a colonoscopy tomorrow.
It’s not his first, but may I say that it’s 
been his most difficult in that we are close quarters 
in our rv...
And I hesitate to add that I look forward to ditching
him at the hospital door
(a no-no in the past but a covid rule now)
and heading to the shopping centre!
Time alone!!!!

A dear member of my family has a birthday
coming up.
Since April she has suffered anxiety due to covid so 
I am gifting her with a copy of Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber.
Taber wrote sweet and easy memories of her life
in an old house (1690s) in Ct.
And she penned very popular Ladies’ Home Journal essays
during the 1960s.
High recommendation for a calming, nostalgic read!

And leaving you with a photo from the porch 
of a friend’s cottage we frequent in the summer.
The porch is so welcoming.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Good Intentions and Voices

We have a stiff breeze coming off the hurricane,
but what a sunny beautiful day!
This is the cool cross stitch, Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick, I am working:

And here is what it will look like:

I love, love, love her colour combos!
Such a talented woman.

I’ve read my favourite blogs over the last couple 
months and noted many political views 
being presented.
Some of these were so opposite of mine that
I considered not reading them again.
But then I thought about what a hypocrite that
would make me.
Because I believe all voices should be heard.

And as an American, I believe there is room
enough for all; and all beliefs. 
Just because a majority believes and lives one 
way does not make it the right way.
In fact, often it squishes out quieter voices who
are just as important.

This seems to be a time in our history that
the marginalized are finding their voice and a platform for it.
I am so grateful for that.
As a Jesus lover, I see this as justice.
I don’t want to stand in the way of that.
My new acquaintance has this tattooed on her forearm:
“When I diminish you, I diminish myself”
May I not diminish a single one of you

Saturday, August 1, 2020


The cross stitch piece is done! 
Save the framing.
This piece was featured in a Pinterest post as
a freebie but then I couldn’t “refind” it.
Imagine my surprise when I did find it on Etsy being
sold by the real artist. 😞
I emailed her and explained then she accepted my payment
after the fact.
A lesson to myself not to accept free at face value.
If you want to stitch this it is available from
the talented designer
VerbenaCS on Etsy and it is called “Salem.”
The cost was less than $7.

We still have not found a home to buy so we’ve rented
an apartment in the home of a friend for the middle
of August on...
until we find a home to buy.

This weekend we leave our rv resort for a friend’s cottage
Temps here are very hot and humid— by anyone’s standards
and we’ve been staying cool by tethering innertubes to river rocks
and floating. Lucy dog sits on them too!

Hoping this finds you taking comfort in creativity and creation.