Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Love Your Neighbors

I continue to plug away at my 1840's rug.

I've got the four animals hooked, the centre done, and the "1840"
and leaf motifs finished.
I am hoping that the fence, on either side of the centre, 
and a couple errant flowers in each quarter will balance out 
the fact that the animals aren't huge.
I don't want too much background "empty" spaces.

New kitten, Reggie, is not a helper.
When I begin hooking he nudges under my arms
and gets atop my frame where he promptly falls asleep.
Being the sook I am, I cannot bear to move him
and so we sit and sit and sit.
But the rug is making progress.

I am torn up over these small local businesses that are gasping for air.
I arranged to pick up my favorite soaps from a local seller.
She left them on her porch for me, along with a generous discount.
Rustik Soaps are, hands down, the most gentle and lovely
on my skin of any soap I've tried.
The maker, Kate, lives here in Canada and ships for free
 if your purchase is over $40.


My other plug is for local clothing store, Eloise, Ltd.
Eloise's has the most lovely selection of seasonal clothing.

And my husband has started taking delivery from a local coffee roaster
who also brings bread to the door.
Methinks next time we will skip the bread as we both 
over-gorged on it.

You have local stores to aid as well.
What will happen when the isolation period ends and 
these businesses try to re-open? 
I shudder to think.
But any purchases made from them now helps.

My own business, decluttering for seniors, has been put on hold too,
but my partner makes enough that we don't need to worry.
So we worry about everyone else.
When I'm clear headed enough, I turn the worry 
to prayers.
Love your neighbours...
I have seen so many examples of this worldwide that I am encouraged.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Community Hooking

With the all the extra time
I’ve been hooking away on my 1840’s rug
(Lucy dog is in the upper left holding it down.)
The farm motifs include a horse, chicken, goat, and cat
 as well as fence posts coming from both sides 
of the centre log cabin. 
The plan is to highlight the animal motifs
with radiating outlines so they do not get “lost.”
I’m hooking in a hand cut #8 as my cutter has not
yet arrived
 (shout out to Bolivar to move along faster).
The size of the rug?
 I’m not sure as I drew it out on a leftover chunk.
I like the inviting light in the windows.
Doesn’t it look safe and cozy? 

Our Evening Matters rug hooking guild 
had pins made to celebrate 25 years.
See the “hooker” under the lamp post? 

Because our group is taking an isolation hiatus,
we are sending each other photos of rug progress as 
well as hooking questions.
Speaking of isolation, isolate in body only.
Please reach out to neighbors and friends and family 
and connect— both for your mental health and their’s.
Even here in eastern Canada the air is feeling spring-y
and the snows and ice are melting!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

March marching on

About time for a new post I’d say!
The winter has been much better than last year 
as far as my own mental health.
Peri menopause hit hard in 2018 and 2019.
I finished the Grandmother rug, 
using up some of my old wools
 The brick doorstop gives you a size perspective.
Pastel flowers seemed the way to go to avoid 
taking over the centre.
Never stumped for what to hook next, 
I was stumped for what to hook next.
That still small voice kept urging me to hook my own pattern.
Finally I dug out a piece of linen and used the whole of it for a
log cabin and country yard scene.
Here is the central motif:
I think it will turn out nicely-
Stay tuned.
And to celebrate my hubby’s 50th we added 
a new furry pet to our home and 
put a hold on a Scottish Terrier pup being 
born soon in Cape Breton.
Meet Reggie!
Reggie is 8 months old and a cuddle bug and playful 
friend to our long time dog, Lucy.
He sleeps in his own room at night and is 
quiet as a mouse. 
Of course, he loves my wool.
Our small evening guild has been busy 
learning how to use punchneedles, having official pins
made, and selling raffle tickets for the rug below.

Isn’t it a beauty?
Have a beautiful and healthy week 
and create daily♥️