Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Love Your Neighbors

I continue to plug away at my 1840's rug.

I've got the four animals hooked, the centre done, and the "1840"
and leaf motifs finished.
I am hoping that the fence, on either side of the centre, 
and a couple errant flowers in each quarter will balance out 
the fact that the animals aren't huge.
I don't want too much background "empty" spaces.

New kitten, Reggie, is not a helper.
When I begin hooking he nudges under my arms
and gets atop my frame where he promptly falls asleep.
Being the sook I am, I cannot bear to move him
and so we sit and sit and sit.
But the rug is making progress.

I am torn up over these small local businesses that are gasping for air.
I arranged to pick up my favorite soaps from a local seller.
She left them on her porch for me, along with a generous discount.
Rustik Soaps are, hands down, the most gentle and lovely
on my skin of any soap I've tried.
The maker, Kate, lives here in Canada and ships for free
 if your purchase is over $40.


My other plug is for local clothing store, Eloise, Ltd.
Eloise's has the most lovely selection of seasonal clothing.

And my husband has started taking delivery from a local coffee roaster
who also brings bread to the door.
Methinks next time we will skip the bread as we both 
over-gorged on it.

You have local stores to aid as well.
What will happen when the isolation period ends and 
these businesses try to re-open? 
I shudder to think.
But any purchases made from them now helps.

My own business, decluttering for seniors, has been put on hold too,
but my partner makes enough that we don't need to worry.
So we worry about everyone else.
When I'm clear headed enough, I turn the worry 
to prayers.
Love your neighbours...
I have seen so many examples of this worldwide that I am encouraged.


acorn hollow said...

I do wonder what will happen with all the small businesses it is scary to think they may be gone.

Prims By The Water said...

We had to hut down our stores, so I know the value of shopping local. If I had a sweet kitten, I would not be able to move him either. Rug looking good. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Stay healthy and safe. Janice

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

And accepting loans is scary too. I would not want to

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Our kitten has been a very good distraction! You stay well too Janice.

Saundra said...

Your design and colors are great; that brown is looking good in the background and I don't think it is too much at all. Great work. Your kitten is sweet and I always loved hearing the gentle motor (purr) when I had a cat. You knew then they were quite content. Stay well.