Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Birthday and Historic Village

Last week I turned another year older— fifty-two—and celebrated with a trip to a cool market, antiques stores, bluff hike and German restaurant. The day was a bit overcast but hubby, friends and I had a great time! 

That’s a look of dread😙

Me and hubby
Kredl’s market had it all: gourmet foods, plants and a fast food stand

Friends Mike and Tammy went with us to Germany in 2018, so it was fitting that we dined at this more local German restaurant. Giermindl’s Old Bavarian Restaurant was in this beautiful chalet in the middle of rolling hills. Delicious fare! 

Today I took advantage of some free time and grabbed an umbrella and water for a stroll through historic village of Kings Landing site. Here are some scenes from today:

The St. John river is a tranquil backdrop 

Scarecrow in the stocks

A very curious pig
I’d love to have this! But the rug below is hideous in colour but glorious in form:

Large Penny rug

Sweet child’s bed


Hubby scratched these calves with a stick last visit and they so appreciated it.

Leaving was kind of sad but the experience had 
renewed me. 

Schools begin next week and our rug hooking groups reconvene.
 I am refilling one bird feeder daily and the other several times weekly. The feathereds are bulking up for flights South, or, for the few who stay, fattening for the long winter. 


Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dregs of Summer, Scents of Fall

One of our senior teaching hookers sold her home of 30+ years for an apartment. She had a bargain basement style sale— conducted by her daughter as the senior didn’t want to see her goodies leave the house. And don’t worry, she let plenty.  

I bought the following along with a Puritan frame stand:

Oh those hand-dyeds and Autumn colours!

We arranged a last minute rv weekend last weekend in Clearview, NB. It’s near nowhere but we drove to some waterfalls for a nice hike and refreshing swim. I was splitting wood for kindling and a yellow jacket for me on the eyebrow. 

That was taken right before the hike so it was hilarious me looking like Popeye as I carefully watched the trail ahead. Poor hubby got some nasty looks from several people. Goes to show how we don’t always have all the right information.

We went into Perth-Andover where there’s not a lot of anything but a country grocer also had a few antiques; this beauty spoke to me and I got it…

A copper boiler♥️

 What will I do with it? Maybe to hold towels in a future bathroom. Any other ideas?

And my “Hollow”een rug is slowly coming along but me fears I will run out of the orange and black texture. The Wool Studio will get a call!

And my annual Fall squirrelling away has begun. 

For me this involves blanching & freezing veggies, making jams and chutneys and dilly beans, baking breads and more hooking! I made date nut bread yesterday. Mmmm. This morning a woods- scented candle is flickering in the kitchen. 

And a former declutter client has to have part of this wall in her yard redone. Her first quote, had she had the entire 30 ft replaced? Take a guess.

$100,000. Yes, I have not added zeroes but mistake. “It’s a huge job and involves bulldozers and removing all that stone and relaxing it with new stone as that stone no longer exists.” Blah blah blah. Shame on a complaint quoting a widowed elderly woman that price. 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Kings Landing Today

 If you want to laugh, read my last post.  
                But today we visited Kings Landing in the extreme heat. 
We didn’t linger as long as usual but I got some nice photos anyway.
 I always feel at home in this historic village in New Brunswick, Canada 

The old salt box by the St John River 

Drying strawflowers 

 Three little brooms 
Drying marigold petals

         Hubby cooling off with chilly spring water in a     stone sink dated 1784

This would be a super pattern for using up worms 
This poor cow appreciated a scratch from my husband 
as those flies were horrible!
This home has the coolest kitchen; it’s part underground 
Blueberry pie!

Late summer gardens 

The brown bread, so popular at this site, wasn’t baked today. It was too warm. Ah well, we must go back again for that!