Monday, April 27, 2020

CSA Wisdom

Well didn’t Sunday’s birthday parade just 
go great?
The 60 year old birthday girl had no idea what was 
going on as her daughter got her settled in the yard 
with a glass of wine...
A line of cars, decorated with balloons and banners
came around the corner and slowly passed
in front of her.
We honked, we yelled, we sang,
and we circled back to leave gifts and tp on her lawn.
She cried.

Top photo is birthday girl,
Bottom is two friends.
And she loved the hooked dog!

I finished another UFO:

“Pumpkin Perch” is sold by W. Cushing.
It’s hooked in a 6.

And here’s a bit of advice to take or leave...
In anticipation of possible food shortages AND
to support local growers,
hubby and I enrolled in a CSA 
(Community Supported Agriculture)
to take weekly delivery of a large veggie box.
This begins in June and lasts 20 weeks.
Since there are only two of us 
we will eat some and freeze some. 
Our CSA offers meat boxes too but meat
isn’t high on our needs list.
We will grow a few things on the deck but 
this will ensure a steady supply.

A family member has fallen ill to Covid
but is young and a runner and so far
headaches and fatigue have been the 
only issues.
Prayers abounding...

Friday, April 24, 2020

Willie Nelson

The dog is done!
Minus the backing....
Willie Nelson

The birthday gift for friend Sandy.
He is 8x13”.
Hand cut #6 strips.
I think she will like him.
I get more creative when I can’t go out and shop.

So here is how we will celebrate Sandy’s 60th Sunday:
I’ll give her a call and ask her to sit on her front stoop.
A “parade” of cars with friends will troop by her house.
The cars will bear signs of celebration and each
will pause to leave a gift (and a roll of tp) on her lawn.
Keeping distance is not the best way to celebrate 
but it’s one she won’t forget.
Even in this time when days blur together hubby
and I have a Friday schedule.
We have wine on the sunny deck at 4,
supper of apps later on and then we watch
a movie or two with our dog and cat.
Yes, they both like tv.

I’m trying to balance mourning a life that won’t
soon be the same for a while with things that 
soothe me: walks, hooking, fam connections, prayer...
Most days I don’t feel balanced but my friends don’t either
So maybe this is normal. 
I don’t find it hard to concentrate 
But sometimes it’s hard to breathe

Monday, April 20, 2020

Hooking Dog

I set my 1840s rug aside to hook up
a facsimile of my friend’s dog for her 
60th next Sunday.
“Willie Nelson” is about 10”x5” and will
be a wall hanging.
(I’m going to work more on his eyes.)
Willie came up from NC with 10 other unwanted dogs.
Eastern Canada has a shortage of dogs for adoption so the
dogs found homes quickly.
My friend was so pleased to find him;
they’re a good couple!

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies-
added oatmeal to half as hubby can’t have it.
I took some to another friend who turns 81 today.
Her bigger gift was a load of garden dirt.
This friend is both blind and deaf and has
the greenest thumb of anyone I know.

Eastern Canada has very low crime rate but
a few days ago a man was murdered in the
park across the street from us and
news about the Nova Scotia killings proliferate
the airways today.
I can’t listen too much.
But I pray for the families and friends.
I pray for the earth.

May we all live in the miracle of life
And the beauty and sounds of Spring!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

2020 Isolation Rugs

I had an idea to stimulate action in our
rug hooking guild.
I ordered heavy duty labels which read:
2020 Isolation Rug
These will be sewn onto the backs of rugs
we work on during this time.
If I need to order more I will.
The seller I used was
ExperimentalDesign on Etsy
This was a special order and I asked that they be 
3”x1” heavy duty.
If you’re reading this and are a solitary hooker
or if you belong to a group, 
I invite you to do the same!!!

Here is where I am on my 1840s rug

I’m wondering if my brown background areas
are too much?
Perhaps I’ll intersperse more falling flowers.
Having the rainbows in the corners helps too.

My hubby and I are still on speaking terms🤣
Jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, card games and baking help.
When those don’t work we separate into
different rooms.
We are watching the African series with Haley Mills
from 1981, The Flame Trees of Thika.
Lovely and reassuring♥️
May your week be blessed with