Thursday, July 16, 2020


Well it sure feels weird and wonderful 
to be without a fixed address for a while!
The house sold today, we are stationed in a small rv park
by a gentle river, and the house search continues 
from here.

The French Canadian family closest to us have 2 boys around
ten and twelve. No mother.
They like Lucy dog and were all wide-eyed
when I told them we’d been hunting frogs by the water.
They didn’t know they were there.
(Reggie cat is living with a friend until we find a house).

I’m working on another free pattern
There will be many shapes around this gray blackbird
but I will stitch all in black—
except for an orange pumpkin.
A very Fall-y look I trust.

Lunch today was garlic scapes cooked in
olive oil with preserved lemon and salt,
served over rice and a side of bacon.
I’m trying to get creative with all the veggie 
CSA boxes we get— 8 per month!!! 
I think we may have to share with the rv park soon.

Our book club is reading Outline by Rachel Cusk.
She is a talented author, no doubt,
but I was more in the mood for an adventure
thank a character/s study.
Any recommendations for our next book?

Nap time in the rv....
There’s rest to catch up with after days of cleaning
and moving and signing papers.
And the 71 degree temps and cool breeze
make it ideal♥️

Monday, July 6, 2020

New Moves

We sold our house!!
And can’t find another we like
so we will be in the rv for a bit.
Storage seems like a waste of $ but we’ll
have to use it.
I finished up the free cross stitch pattern
And I love the single colour.

It is actually straight.

I’m going to miss the yard
but not the old house issues nor 
property tax. 
So I’m packing and burning candles which
are low on wax so I don’t have to pack them.
My favourite remain those by Gable House Goodes!
Happy new week