Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Menopause and Mat

Johnson’s Mill, NB

What does one do when the full moon and menopause low collide? One hies her to a secluded cottage for four days with the only suitable company she has… herself.

And the swift tides of Fundy bay and the woods and fossil rocks keep one company:  no judgement, only a steady reminder to Be. Kind God knows my needs. 

So I “was”. Slept well, ate well, read, wrote, hooked, climbed boulders, hiked, gazed at unique cemetery stones. My sister asked if I was afraid alone. With those hormones flaring, I was afraid for anyone who would want to bother me. 

I’m calm for now. 

Here is how my “Holloween” rug is progressing. I designed it, inspired by a silhouette I saw.
It will have more edge hooked, more orange added and will be pressed well.

Here is the lovely desk I got at auction.
Very me.
And here is a stitched piece I bought in my hometown of Strasburg, Va. it was completed in 1937. I purchased it one year ago for twenty dollar bill. The reason I’m posting it now is that I saw a similar one today on Etsy for $503. 
Someone’s overcharging or I made a good investment.
I assume the design chart for the piece was sold to honour the 200th anniversary of Washington’s birth, back in 1932. 

Aside from midlife strife, I’ve got cold symptoms that mimic covid but I’m testing negative. I’m going to sit tight at home. 
Daughter and boyfriend decided to fly to Cuba a day before a hurricane was to hit. I’m waiting to hear from her. Her last update was that she and boyfriend went to get bottled water but the shelves were bare, so they cleverly bought bottled rum at the same cost as water would have been. Well I hope they enjoy brushing their teeth with that.

And hello Autumn, I’m so glad you’re here!
🍁  🎃 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Rug Winner

 The winner of the rug raffle benefiting Villa Madonna Retreat of Rothesay, New Brunswick is

Caroline Simpson 
of New Brunswick!!!

$850 was raised and I thank all you blog readers who purchased tickets!