Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Weekend Escape

Very little beats a weekend away to a quiet peninsula in New Brunswick with ones pals.
The home is an old country house with wide wooden floorboards, iron bed frames, and the squeak of a mouse in the walls.
We walked, we ate, we laughed, sat in front of a roaring fireplace, petted horse, watched deer, looked at pottery picked up treasures at the end of driveways...

Isn’t it beautiful?

We located a waterfalls walk too...

Sandy is the animal whisperer.

Lisa is trying out an antique rocking chair in the middle of the road. Discarded trash became her treasure. A beautiful piece with nothing wrong with it!

The only prob with the whole weekend was that it was too short.

Our little area of the province is ramping up with a variant so another lockdown may be in our near future.
This afternoon a friend and I will hook and also tune in to a live video with the Ontario hooking store of Sande Gunning. We’ll shop while she shows us her wares.

A shadowy snap of my antique recreation which I’m struggling to love.
May JOY find its way into your day

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lighter Things

Our rug hooking community here had an unexpected death and two more on their way in hospital. Not covid. I’m grieving. Grieving is especially difficult when it feels like depression which I wrestle with. ♥️

So I will post a couple spirit lifting events. My former client and now plain old friend had her 82nd birthday yesterday. Two of us brought her cake and chicken salad lunch. Here she is:

She is also deaf AND blind. A former librarian and a lover of gardening and dirty jokes. Just seeing this pic uplifts me. 

On kijiji this week (our version of Craig’s List) there were two hooked rugs for $20 TOTAL.
Photos at top: Butterflies and Flowers, Horse and Buggy.
 I contacted the woman right away and gave her $25. Both rugs went into the deep freeze, both underwent some repairs where strips had come out, and both are on fb marketplace now, at a modest $65 and $75.

Another lovely thing: Friday my girlfriends in my covid “bubble” are going to a country cottage an hour away to spend the weekend. Wine, walks, laughter, prayer time and tears will be part (as always!)
One of our five has a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Well, that seems to be shadowing me this week but doesn’t it shadow is every day of our lives? 


May the beauty of life sing to me and to you today!


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday Catch Up

I purchased this twin sized quilt for $15 from our local thrift. I like the wonky spots too. Currently it’s soaking in some oxi and mild detergent. Tomorrow I’ll hang it on the line outside.

Maybe a first quilt for someone. 😀
I’ve also been hooking on my antique repro and 
perhaps liking it a smidge more. 
Our rug hooking guild continues to zoom every Tuesday. There are talks of meeting outdoors with distance between, once temps rise. 
In Atlantic Canada this may be a while.

My daughter finished her Master’s in Library Science. 
She wants to be an archivist. 
Here she is with our son yesterday.
They both live in Montreal but have to be careful about visits.

Our son is a PhD student- a hard thing to swing in this  time. Some of his peers opted to keep their masters and
dropped out. 
This weekend we’ll have friends from our
Covid bubble over for supper (ham noodle casserole and peanut butter pie) and I’ve reserved a spot to view a fibre exhibit at our local university.

May you feel JOY as you create !