Sunday, April 28, 2019

April Showers

Well, our little corner of New Brunswick
has hit more flooding...
could the waters at last be receding?
I shot this of our town square in the foreground.
Behind the trees? The river!
All connected now.
The white bits are chunks of ice.

But (seemingly) timed perfectly with the yearly floods
is our local, annual Highwater Hook-In.
It was held in a new spot: a huge church gym with plenty of light.
Pots of tea, muffins, fruits, sandwiches, and cake filled our tums
while raffles and hooking and chit chat warmed our spirits.
Our attendance was down by a good third due
to closed roads, but here are some samples from
the rug exhibit.

Love the bright red-orange one
This is quite big and attached to a supportive wood frame
Complete with real checkers!
William Morris winner
I'm a sucker for geometrics
See above comment!
Santa takes centre stage
Another very large work of art!
This is a small runner made entirely from someone's winnings at Left, Right, and Centre!

So you'd think I'd have won a raffle basket given
that my chances were high from low attendance.
No indeed.
But I bought fab fudge and shopped two vendors there.
If you haven't experienced the fun of a hook-in
why not organize one yourself?
Have a sunny weekend!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!!
 May your weekend be lovely

"...looking steadfastly on Jesus the leader and completer of faith:
 who, in view of the joy lying before him, 
endured [the] cross, having despised [the] shame,
 and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."  
- Hebrews 2:2

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tapestry Show

Our local Christ Church cathedral had a one time showing of
it's treasure trove of tapestries this Saturday.
Many of them were fashioned in the 1800's.
These pieces adorned altars and pulpits, and priests
and used symbolism to teach.
This one was my favourite as it was
fashioned from the coronation robe of Queen Victoria:
Another favorite was this one from the first settlement in Canada, Caton's Island, New Brunswick.
The green vine is a bean runner and small beans circle the centre Lamb of God.
 The beans are significant as the settlement suffered hunger the first winter and a great pile of beans was discovered on the tiny plot of land. 
This saved their lives.
I've been to Caton's Island,
 it 's in the 
St. John river and hosts a youth camp.
The remainder of the photos show amazing stitches that
talented artists used to create these works of art and praise.
(Zoom in on the exquisite stitches!Satin stitches, chain stitches, couching....)

Of course, there was the quintessential tea and cookies
served afterwards in a corner of the great cathedral by the women of the parish.
I loved that they used real cups and saucers and lumps of sugar.
A super afternoon....

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April Snow Showers

Welcome April!!
I'm glad you're here.
We had 5 inches of snow last night so I think you're a little confused
but we'll get there.
This is a rug I hooked way back in 2004.
I got inspiration for the design from an antique pie safe.
From my home town of Strasburg, Virginia.
The doors were tin punched  in a similar way. 

Now this little beauty looks deceptively simple:
Yes, it's a flannel nightgown but here's the thing.
I'm caregiver of a centenarian.
Now she cannot use scissors anymore, nor can she feel to pin things.
And I cannot use a sewing machine.
But between the two of us we made a thing of beauty
which her daughter received most happily.

I'm still hooking away at the Pat Cross pattern:
I keep running out of khakis and darks 
so I've made numerous trips upstairs
 to the wool room to root around for more.
Tonight I have a rug hook meet-up so there will be hours to hook.
At the end of the month the local guild
hosts a big hook-in. 
It's a real highlight of Spring:
vendors, prizes, hookers, yummy food to share...
The blues are slowwwllly ebbing away.
I'm so grateful.
Six months of Winter surely doesn't help.
May you find beauty in the day!