Monday, April 15, 2019

Tapestry Show

Our local Christ Church cathedral had a one time showing of
it's treasure trove of tapestries this Saturday.
Many of them were fashioned in the 1800's.
These pieces adorned altars and pulpits, and priests
and used symbolism to teach.
This one was my favourite as it was
fashioned from the coronation robe of Queen Victoria:
Another favorite was this one from the first settlement in Canada, Caton's Island, New Brunswick.
The green vine is a bean runner and small beans circle the centre Lamb of God.
 The beans are significant as the settlement suffered hunger the first winter and a great pile of beans was discovered on the tiny plot of land. 
This saved their lives.
I've been to Caton's Island,
 it 's in the 
St. John river and hosts a youth camp.
The remainder of the photos show amazing stitches that
talented artists used to create these works of art and praise.
(Zoom in on the exquisite stitches!Satin stitches, chain stitches, couching....)

Of course, there was the quintessential tea and cookies
served afterwards in a corner of the great cathedral by the women of the parish.
I loved that they used real cups and saucers and lumps of sugar.
A super afternoon....