Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April Snow Showers

Welcome April!!
I'm glad you're here.
We had 5 inches of snow last night so I think you're a little confused
but we'll get there.
This is a rug I hooked way back in 2004.
I got inspiration for the design from an antique pie safe.
From my home town of Strasburg, Virginia.
The doors were tin punched  in a similar way. 

Now this little beauty looks deceptively simple:
Yes, it's a flannel nightgown but here's the thing.
I'm caregiver of a centenarian.
Now she cannot use scissors anymore, nor can she feel to pin things.
And I cannot use a sewing machine.
But between the two of us we made a thing of beauty
which her daughter received most happily.

I'm still hooking away at the Pat Cross pattern:
I keep running out of khakis and darks 
so I've made numerous trips upstairs
 to the wool room to root around for more.
Tonight I have a rug hook meet-up so there will be hours to hook.
At the end of the month the local guild
hosts a big hook-in. 
It's a real highlight of Spring:
vendors, prizes, hookers, yummy food to share...
The blues are slowwwllly ebbing away.
I'm so grateful.
Six months of Winter surely doesn't help.
May you find beauty in the day!




NMK said...

Love your rugs ! Hope the warmer weather melts that snow away quickly !!! Your rug hooking group sounds like so much fun ! Nice cozy nighty !!!

acorn hollow said...

wow how did you accomplish that flannel night gown! Lovely
wonderful rug too. we have had 2 days of snow I just shoveled the driveway for I hope the last time this season. Enjoy your hook in.

Saundra said...

Love your Welcome 2004 rug. Sorry but I do not like that "S" word. The dirty word starting with S is fine but not what white stuff starting with an S.

Have fun with your group and hope you can pick up some more khaki wool strips.

Prims By The Water said...

We are supposed to get snow Thursday...not looking forward to it...wish Spring would stay. Janice

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