Sunday, September 19, 2021

September Beauty

Many here say September is the best month in New Brunswick, Canada.  It sure is pretty great, though we’re not in the thick of Fall which is MY favourite time.

 Another trip to Kings Landing as the harvest time is here.

And for whatever reason I’ve been into making chutney and canning it: blueberry, apple, and ground cherry.

Must be the Autumn nip in the air…

Yesterday a friend and I drove to the countryside to check out a yard sale and market. Coburns’ orchard had this spectacular old pumpkin truck. We got cider, fresh beef, eggs and canned beets— all paid on the honour system! 

And our night time rug hooking group began! Whoo hoo! Can I say enough how awesome it is to be back?!  Stipulation was that all be double vaccinated as our average age is senior…I’m 51 and it is great to be considered the youngster. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

September Tyme

 My heart is sad for so many who are suffering with these violent weather patterns. It’s only a matter of time until all of us face climate changes personally. The earth is crying. 

What makes me content, makes my heart hopeful, is doing what I love to do and spending time with those I love. I’ve been able to do both the last few days. A blessing…

Our son, his partner and my daughter are visiting!! This is the first time I’ve met the partner and he is a delight. Hopefully a keeper too. Hubby and I took them to wonderful St. Andrews by the Sea yesterday.

Son, partner and our daughter 

Daughter and I making duck lips

The day was much enjoyed with an antiques fair, a walk thru the extensive Kingsbrae Gardens, and dinner at the old Algonquin Inn. 

A rainy Labour Day has kept us indoors so I made a hearty burger soup and a pumpkin bread then turned out my first small practice batch of candles.

  I combined a fire scent with apples and pumpkin so I’ll call these Cyder by the Fire. I’ll let them cure for 2 weeks before I sample one. ‘Twas Fun! 
My dad used to make candles with paraffin wax. His were unscented but he made them with multiple colours and used flexible molds of strange shapes so popular in the 70s.

Hoping you too can find things that bring you joy and comfort too