Sunday, November 28, 2021

Happy Sunday

I wanted to hook a snowman for a friend of mine. Free pattern of ‘Lil Jack Mat by Jenny Rupp was turned into a snowman with the addition of a hat and change of colours.

This photo was taken before I dabbed rose lipstick on his cheeks! I will make him into a pocket and insert candy canes and I’ll fashion a hanger by twisting two pipe cleaners together and covering them with wool strips.

My floral shaded mat is coming along. Doris Norman is a good teacher !

The pattern is by Doris. The rest of the class did three and four cuts. Mine is # 6.

In sad news, Bruce Bolivar, creator of the Bolivar rug hooking cutter passed away. I got his machine last year and two heads with it. It’s beautiful. 

And… we got our first snow dusting and have the promise of more to come Monday and Tuesday.

 We’re headed to our first Christmas party now, complete with Yankee swap. My silly gift is a pair of socks with pics of poutine  all over them. A very Canadian dish. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Hooks and Scales

What a treat! A two-weekend rug hooking class in person! Local and taught by Doris Norman, Celtic hooker extraordinary. 

I’m a primitive hooker for sure, but I’d heard learning fine shading would help me anyway. I say fine shading but I’m using a #6 to do the fingering and mock shading methods.

This is what we’re working on; not my piece but I’ll post a pic when it’s done. 
I’ve also been busy baking in cast iron. My daughter is anemic and I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to boost iron intake- though she lives far away.
Tea biscuits 
I love the the little loaf sized pan.
Baking means I eat a little and freeze the rest. Hubby is on keto and I don’t eat a lot.

I’ve been doing auctions again. 
Scored this fantastic “ash laundry basket” for $30. 

I bid and won on a “counter scale.”
Because this auction was online I had no idea how big it really was— it just appealed to my style. 
Well, it must have an 18” base and it’s iron so it’s heavy as all get-out. It’s got a small stamp that reads “Howe Made in Canada.”
I think I’ll resell it. 

Question to the knowledgeable:
Should I clean up the iron before posting and what should I ask for it? 
Paid $31, so I’m sure I got a deal. 

This week I’m looking forward to craft night with the gals and the second half of the hooking class!