Saturday, March 30, 2019

We're mellllllltttttting!
At last! 
It's been months since we saw our driveway 
but it's still there.
I was beginning to wonder.
New Brunswick's melt brings threat of flood
 but it's too early to tell what will happen.

This morning I lit my Gable House Goodes candle called
"This Old House"- for ambiance.
(I think it smells like smoky cornbread).
Then I pulled a few loops.
This pattern (Pat Cross) I am hooking up in a #6.
Boy #6 is much slower than my preferred #8.
I was too lazy to change my cutter blade when I started
but I think I may change it yet.
And speaking of Pat Cross-- she wrote a couple
of pattern books years ago and I haven't heard her name
since then.
Anyone know anything about her?
April is just about here. 
Welcome Sweet Spring Lady...

Friday, March 22, 2019

Combatting blues with greens

I’ve been feeling blue.
A friend brought these by.

I’m told they grow them in hot houses on Prince Edward Island.
It’ll be a while longer before the ground is bare and tulips bloom.

While my parents were here we went to a local nursery and I got dill and thyme to start indoors.

Haven’t been doing a lot of hooking lately.
I've been spending mornings with an elderly woman.
Her family inherited an unfinished braided rug.
I have no experience with braiding but this one just needed the coils
attached to one another.
I used a very strong thread.
 There is definitely a front and back to this rug.
It measures about 2 ft long by 1 ft wide or so.
I like the colours and there are various types of cloth
used in it. A make do rug.

My Lucy is grateful that she can spend some time on the deck again.
the snows are still on the ground but melt is happening and
our sun is very strong.
Lucy spends most of her summer days right there.
Isn't she sweet?!
And in need of a cut and style!
Have a warm wonderful weekend!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patty's

The snow is melting with almost alarming speed!
My neighbour says, "Six inches a day with this sun."
Not sure what the actual figures are but it is -2C today yet still melting away.
Here is a charming pattern I hooked up years ago:
It is "Colonial Table Mat" by Cherylyn Brubaker of Hooked Treasures.
Her website sample is done in browns, cream and reds.
I had her for a class in 2008? in which I hooked pomegranates
 and she was very good.
In late Fall last year, Doris Norman taught our rug group
to hook brick doorstops.
I chose to draw up a fraktur style pattern.
It turned out very sweetly:
Side view
The trick to covering the brick is a good padding
of cotton batting and a nylon stocking to encompass the
batting and the brick base.
And very very strong thread.
SO, how will you celebrate St. Patty's Day?
On Winter Sundays our neighbourhood pals head down to the local
craft beer/cidery to moan about the weather. 
We will do this today too.
Perhaps our chosen beverages will be green.
Don't know what that has to do with the good Saint Patrick
but around here green is the promise of Summer which is HOPE!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sugar Shack time!

My parents are visiting from the Myrtle Beach area.
They love the depth of snow and cold here- 
but they get to go home after a week so...
Yesterday my Hubby and I took them to a Sugar Shack and restaurant in 
Dumfries, NB.
The wait for food was looonnng cuz every snowmobiler in the province 
decided to come out for breakfast.
But homemade bread, toasted, with maple cream soothed our impatience.
The open plan with long plank picnic style tables suits the relaxed atmosphere and
the stove in the corner kept the chill out.

Outside a cauldron was set up for the old fashioned way of boiling down the sap.
Up the hill we got a peek at the more commercial side of things.
The sap has barely started to run. Late!
Apparently NY has surpassed NB in maple syrup production.
 Quebec is the world's top producer.
A couple years ago we introduced a freshly immigrated Syrian family to maple syrup.
They were in awe.
As you see, we still have plenty of snow.
The temps are to rise this coming week though!!
Here is my cat and bird rug from Pat Cross’ Simply Primitive book:
I haven't gotten too far from last time.
Did you set your clocks ahead???

Sunday, March 3, 2019


"Guardians of the Orchard" is done at last!
I finished the edges simply.
I folded it under and stitched it to the back,
 no cording and
no binding tape.
Naughty naughty but that’s the way I wanted it.

I see it's a bit shadowy on the left. 
Not how it really looks.
This rug will be beside my bed, 
perfect for warming my tootsies from the cold hardwood floors.
We are due 6 inches of snow tomorrow.
The positive thing is the sun- it has the extra warmth and strength of coming Spring.
I’m trying to frame things more positively these days as I’m perimenopausal.
Tears and anxieties seem constant. 
There must be an awful chemical mess in the old brain.
Anyone else out there dealing or dealt with this?