Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Community Hooking

With the all the extra time
I’ve been hooking away on my 1840’s rug
(Lucy dog is in the upper left holding it down.)
The farm motifs include a horse, chicken, goat, and cat
 as well as fence posts coming from both sides 
of the centre log cabin. 
The plan is to highlight the animal motifs
with radiating outlines so they do not get “lost.”
I’m hooking in a hand cut #8 as my cutter has not
yet arrived
 (shout out to Bolivar to move along faster).
The size of the rug?
 I’m not sure as I drew it out on a leftover chunk.
I like the inviting light in the windows.
Doesn’t it look safe and cozy? 

Our Evening Matters rug hooking guild 
had pins made to celebrate 25 years.
See the “hooker” under the lamp post? 

Because our group is taking an isolation hiatus,
we are sending each other photos of rug progress as 
well as hooking questions.
Speaking of isolation, isolate in body only.
Please reach out to neighbors and friends and family 
and connect— both for your mental health and their’s.
Even here in eastern Canada the air is feeling spring-y
and the snows and ice are melting!!!!


Saundra said...

What an awesome design! I'm guessing it is your design. I love log cabins and as I live in the woods have thinking of doing something different with animal motifs and log cabin. That hasn't happened yet tho. Also want to design a hit and miss geometric and that hasn't happened yet either.

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Yes I drew this up. This rug will be a big experiment. You’re lucky to be in the woods- we are in town and social distancing takes effort.

Prims By The Water said...

Congrats on the anniversary. Great looking rug thus far. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

Rug is lookin' good and those pins are a hoot :)

acorn hollow said...

just a wonderful design.
love the name tag