Thursday, March 9, 2023

Sheila’s Brush


All is done but the binding on this Garrett Bluenose pattern. I’ve got a turquoise Briggs and Little wool yarn to bind it and I think I’ll fold/roll the burlap edge to the front and whip it that way. 

The next mat on my frame will likely be a geometric meant to use up those wooly worms! 

Monday I’m taking a close friend to Amherst, NS to shop at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s wool store and Della Ackles’ wool shop too! It’s great that there are two places for hookers in one town. But as wonderful as hooking stores are, the long drive there and back will be most fun. “C” and  I laugh ourselves silly and solve the world’s problems too…

I had day surgery today and am glad it’s behind me. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. Someday, such exploratory surgeries will be non-existent.

 Friend “B” is having major surgery for her cancerous tumour next Wednesday. She has to travel five hours to another province for it. Her friend group will gather around her to pray this weekend. I’m so grateful for such friends. Amazing. My younger sister says it’s rare but I’ve always been blessed with such a group.

July will bring a trip to Scotland with my elderly dad and one sister. August will find me and hubby at another archaeological site, this time digging up human remains. That should prove very interesting.

Snows are on the way for next week in New Brunswick- these are so typical around St Patty’s Day that they are known as Sheila’s Brush. Sheila sweeps the remaining snow from the cloud stores before spring is ushered in.

Happy Friday!


Saundra said...

Your Bluenose pattern is wonderful and has great colors. Back in the day when younger my plans were to not only go on an archeological dig but also live and work on a Native American tribal land. Now I'm past the age of achieving that goal.

Julia said...

I'm glad your day surgery went well. I'm sure you'll enjoy the dig. The Bluenose pattern is lovely.
I was in Scotland in May of 2012 and have such great memories. Such a green and beautiful country and so much history and amazing museums, etc.

Julia said...

There are trips organized around volunteers and digs- for all ages! I’m in my early 50s and am tagging along with my hubby and they’re delighted to put me to work. I’m coming around on the colour pink in hooking. said...

I’m looking forward to Scotland and perhaps a woollen mill visit there. Seems a long way off when you’re surrounded by snow mounds. Thanks Julia!

NMK said...

Your rug is beautiful ! Have fun checking out 2 rug hookng shops & having a fun adventure with a good friend ! You are lucky to have a great group of women .
We are expecting snow Monday into Tuesday , could be a Nor'Easter if the weathermen get their way .... I hope your Sheila Sweeps All snow away here !!!!

Peggy said...

You are a hooking machine!
Your bluenose pattern turned out really well - you must be pleased!
Enjoy your road trip to Nova Scotia....nothing like "gal pal" company while traveling and sharing like minded interests.
No doubt, you will love your trip to Scotland too.

Thanks for sharing snippets of your world....always enjoy reading your blog :)

Cheers! said...

May your snow be less than expected! It’s this time of year that makes real Spring seem very far away, eh? said...

Awww, sweet, thank you! I completed most of the rug at the retreat so that was helpful but my schedule allows stretches of time for hooking. What would we do without our gal pals?!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Two hooking shops in one town is simply amazing. Your Bluenose rug is wonderful.
Happy the surgery went well. It is nerve wracking leading up to the procedure and then waiting on the results.
A trip to Scotland. What fun!!! And the dig sounds great fun, too.
Prayers for your friend "B". said...

Thank you for your comments! B had as good a surgery as could have been expected. It’s a long waiting game with this one.