Thursday, August 19, 2021

Candles, Rugs, and Kraut

Well! Just when Fall makes days crisp around the edges, summer re-enters the room!

 It is muggy muggy and warm warm. 31C, that’s about 88f to you Yankees. And if you’re scoffing at that, remember many of us in Eastern Canada have no ac. 

My first experience with sauerkraut making was unsuccessful. Somehow little fruit flies entered the canister and bred. Perhaps they were already in the cabbage though. I’ll spare you the photos and I’ll try again.      

My rug by The Woolen Memories is coming along.



I’ve changed up Sandy’s pattern a bit, replacing the pears with apples, a pumpkin where a basket was and adding a moon. I may change the bush in the lower left corner to a cornstalk.
So, a daytime summer scene has been made into a night time Fall scene. I’m not liking the dark around the door so I will change it.

My passion for scented candles with cozy cabin-like scents has outgrown my budget.
I do so love scent to create atmosphere and affect mood.
I can’t find what I want here in Canada and shipping across the border-and even within the US- is now too exorbitant.
Being a crafter by nature, I’ve ordered soy wax and candle oils and will make them myself! So watch this space while I experiment with scents and conjure up candles with names like “Hearth Dried Apples” and “Gingerbread Lemon Loaf.”
Happy Thursday 


Saundra said...

Love your personal touch to the pattern and it looks wonderful!!! In 10 days USPS shipping is going up once AGAIN!!!

NMK said...

Love how you are hooking this pretty design by Woolen Memories . Have fun making candles !!!

acorn hollow said...

I do not change patterns a lot but love your changes.
I am with you I burn a candle most every night to get the food smells out of the house. I am lucky that I usually get candles as gifts and they know what I like.
We are warm and humid too and no AC here in NH

Prims By The Water said...

Love the changes you made to this. Owning an antique store myself, makes this rug even more of a hit to me. Janice said...

I wonder how much of the increase is due to mismanagement and how much is the high gas prices? said...

Thank you, Woolen Memories has some nice patterns! said...

Right? Scented candles are a great invention! I empathize with your suffering in the heat Cathy. said...

Thank you Janice. Seeing a sign for antiques makes me hit the brake pedal. I buy and sell a little on line but am not a pro like you. I enjoy your blog

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow...I think you've made fantastic progress on the rug! It looks like you may be hooking in an 8 or smaller?? Lots of detail! I love your changes....apples, pumpkins and cornstalks would definitely be more "me." Best of luck with the candle making venture...looking forward to updates here on your blog. ~Robin~