Friday, July 30, 2021

Chill in the Air

 I can’t believe how cool it has been in New Brunswick! Perhaps that is what has stirred some of my current activities.

There’s been an Early Primitive Homestead candle burning on the tabletop—emitting the scent of gingerbread.

My thoughts have turned to my Fall schedule which includes planning for our rug hooking group to meet face to face once more. 

I even prepped some cabbage to make sauerkraut.


(The rocks have been boiled to sanitize- and I ended up putting a layer of plastic wrap under them to ensure better fermentation. )
Now we wait and see..

Cooler weather also means I’m more likely to hook. I started this piece by Woolen Memories:

And here are pics of other  purchases I made on my trip. 

All were bought in Lancaster Co., Pa, save the delightful George Washington tribute cross stitch which came from Strasburg Emporium in my hometown of Strasburg, Virginia. 

This is “the long weekend,” a term used up here for holidays which include a Friday or Monday off. Monday is New Brunswick Day.
 We will celebrate with a walk to the nearby cidery to hear a friend perform old NB folk tunes. 
Many are taking this opportunity to leave the province as the covid mandates have lifted, but we’ve been away for a long time and will dog sit for a friend.

All these thoughts of Fall will soon disappear as the sun heats the region with summer once more. 
Hoping you embrace whatever weather you’re given today.


Saundra said...

I LOVE sauerkraut but have never made it from scratch. Bet you are having a wonderful time with that hook in your hand once again.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Woolen Memories has so many great patterns. I have hooked a couple.
So good you can meet with your hooking person...once again.

NMK said...

Enjoy hooking ! Woolen Memories is a great little shop , her finished rug in your design is just beautiful !!! You found some wonderful souvenirs on your vacation ! Nice refreshing air here too ,feels so nice after all the heat & humidity & rain .

acorn hollow said...

very chilly today here in NH most of the week is suppose to be like that. Lots of rain this summer I do wonder what winter will be like. Great finds on your trip.
have a great long weekend
Cathy said...

I am loving hooking outdoors. What a treat to just drop snippets on the ground for the birds. I’ll let you know how the kraut turns out! said...

I like her patterns too. She’s on Etsy and FB now I believe.
Nervously watching Delta numbers, but for now we are planning to meet! said...

Thanks! I’m loving to hook it. I love the temps but I do hope for more warmth before summer says goodbye. said...

Lots of rain here too, to the detriment of veggies. Blueberries and raspberries are great tho. Don’t know the reasoning behind that. We travelled thru NH a bit and love it!