Sunday, October 2, 2022

October Kings Landing

Kings Landing historic site closes next weekend; end of season. Four of us went yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed a walk around. Fall colours are slow but coming, the air was redolent with wood smoke and open hearth baking

Many apple trees grow along the homes and visitors gathered a few. I’d brought a bag and filled it with the different varieties; enough that I made a couple jars of apple butter and a rustic galette.

I’ll leave you to a few more photos, beginning with a favourites of many, the stone Jones’ house.

And hubby patiently bearing his partners photos and pleasurable dip into history 

We stopped at Coburn’s Orchard to admire this pumpkin house. I can tell you that the kids there were delighted. The big kids too.



NMK said...

Beautiful pictures ...the Pumpkin House is Awesome !!!!

Julia said...

I always enjoy your shared visits to Kings Landing. Haven't been there in ages.
I love how they hand their onions to dry. I must try that method instead of cutting the stem. I usually leave about 4 inches of stem on.

The Coburn Farm Pumpkin House must be a good attraction to bring people in. Thanks for sharing. I must get up to Everrett farm to pick some apples. Maybe, tomorrow.


Prims By The Water said...

What a fun pumpkin house. Have never seen one myself before. So glad you were able to take in the historic Kings Landing once again before it closed. We have a village in our state that stays open until right after Christmas. They do Halloween tours and Christmas tours. We always enjoyed going to it. It is called Greenfield Village. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

Kings Landing is definitely my most favorite place in Canada that I've never been to LOL (and, I must admit, even amongst those I HAVE been to). I am surprised they allow the visitors to pick apples. Love, love, love that pumpkin house! Add a fireplace and I'd move in. 😂 ~Robin~ said...

I was the only adult inside it and then I went thru the hay bale maze with kids! Love it said...

I heard Everettes has been busy. We go to Happy Apple Farm and pick them up in their carport 😏 said...

Just googled that. The Henry Ford. It does look very similar. To me these spots are such a gift to the public to see!! Ours was supposed to go back to doing Halloween tours but they postponed again. Boo! said...

You must visit, yes! They have a dye garden and flax fields and lots of veg and herb. Besides the apples, you could ask for a “sample” of flower or veg and they gladly consent. The apples are in such abundance they are fine. The pumpkin house is built with metal rings for the layers of pumpkins to sit on. I looked. 😍