Saturday, July 30, 2022

Home A Jig

When the kids were young and we were heading home from somewhere, hubby or I would recite the nursery rhyme : “home again, home again, jiggety jig.   
Our son shortened this to “home a jig” and it stuck. 
So, yes, from our archaeological jaunt to our Boothbay Harbour adventure, we are home a jig at last.

Boothbay Harbour town limits was unexpectedly, immensely crowded and Shore Hills rv park had mixed up our site— and was unapologetic and rude about it—and we ended up aways from the water and woods. 
But these disappointments were short lived as we sought out the area trails for hiking. 

We’d wandered a couple BRTL (Boothbay Region Land Trust) paths before but we decided to check off as many as we could in six days and it proved to be awesome!

       The walks went from wild coasts to woodlands


Above is the cove on a trail that our NB friends joined us on. Midway we donned swimsuits and had a chilly but gorgeous swim here. 

And another day we got a long kayaking in and even a canoeing. The latter adventure put us with lobster buoys and curious seals.
A fav pizza joint and some thrift store finds topped off my trip:

Card table sized linen with partial cross stitched area
Two long curtains: one pure linen, the other gingham checked, $2 each.

A tall basket and a whack of pewter set me back just $20! 

Today is a huge laundry day and I hope to make it down the trail for blueberries for a pie. 

Glad to be home to process memories and sleep in my own bed. We realized three seasons on the mattress that came with the rv is 2.5 too many. 


acorn hollow said...

sounds like a wonderful time! and some good finds

Saundra said...

I definitely need a new mattress and have slept and turned mine too many times already. Guess you are already thinking about next year's adventure.

Julia said...

You are a great sport about the mixup at the RV park. It looks like you had a great time on vacation but coming home to a comfortable bed is always priority #1.
I love your newfound treasures. You come home and I'm just leaving today.

Julia said...

Ooo I do hope you’re going for a relaxing vacation Julia!!!! You deserve one. said...

We hope to get two more weekends out of the rv this year. I wish they didn’t make foam beds or toppers or any of that mess that is on offer. And you can’t flip those mattresses so they don’t last as long. Grrr said...

Thx Cathy. It sure was refreshing.

NMK said...

Your vacation sounded great ...yes, Booth Bay is a traffic nightmare and that is too bad , it is such a beautiful area. They just don't have enough areas to park. You got great deals on all those pretty treasures you found !!! said...

The first time we went to BBH was in October and I’d call it “pleasantly busy.” This was bedlam but I have to say that locals were very friendly.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Welcome home. I don't care where one has been, going home is always a blessing. Your hiking adventures sound like fun - that cove is wonderful; so protected and unpeopled. I'd say you scored some great treasures and at wonderful prices. My favorite is the piece of linen with stitching of course. Hope you found those blueberries. ~Robin~ said...

Any suggestions about what to do with the unfinished stitching? I could frame that part of it and use the rest or…? There’s a blueberry pie in our future but it hasn’t happened yet.

Prims By The Water said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip and are safely at home now. Love blueberry anything. YUM Janice said...

My fav blueberries are the low bush; I find them sweeter and apparently they’re higher in healthy stuff. But they take too darn long to pick so I buy those. However I do pick the high bush