Thursday, June 16, 2022

Raffle Rug Tickets


Here is another photo of our beautiful rug!!

US residents may purchase tickets with certain stipulations as shown below. 

This geometric rug is approx 22x33”. Local NB hookers have made it in support of Villa Madonna Retreat House. 100% of profits will go there. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5, US or Canadian. The draw is Sept 13. 

If a US resident wins the rug they are responsible for shipping, less $20 which our guild will pay. 

I can take US cheques only. We don’t have international money transfers.

If you would like tickets please email me for my physical address at

After I receive your cheque I will photograph and email a picture of your tickets. 



Julia said...

It's a lovely rug and I hope I win it. hehe.

Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

I am not sure how I missed so much! You have been busy but a good busy. The raffle rug is wonderful good luck selling lots and lots of tickets
Cathy said...

Good luck Julia! Maybe you shall! said...

Lots of folks helped hook on it and it sure turned out purty!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love the rug!
Pls let me know where to send a check ;-)

Farm Girl said...

Good Morning,
What a lovely rug. Thank you for stopping by and I think its lovely that you are reading Wind in the Willows.
I was telling my husband about you and your husband reading out loud this morning and he said, "I always loved it when we used to read out loud to each other in the evenings."
It is so much nicer than turning on the T.V.
I have only read portions of Wind in the Willows but never the whole book. I do have a lovely copy too.
Have a lovely day.
Kim said...

Just sent to you. Thx!! said...

Isn’t it nicer than the television? My fav is reading aloud but I’ve also begun listening to audiobooks whilst I’m hooking. These are largely non-fiction or classics I missed in my university years. ♥️