Monday, January 18, 2021

Mighty Oaks Issues

Been experiencing muscle fatigue—covid tests were negative. That was my first experience with the nostril test and of course I jerked back making it more uncomfortable. Ah well.

I’m working on my son’s 30th birthday rug again.                 I had put it away as the colours and style weren’t singing to me.                                                           

I’m a primitive gal at heart but my son isn’t a big fan. Scrolling the net for ideas, I decided to use the arts and crafts movement style. Posters from that era depict black outlined graphics and fewer shades of colour.       It seems to be working so far with my design.

 I’ve taken liberties with the colour of the leaves.
Oak leaves turn brown and drop off or hang out until spring. The initials in the leaves are all the places he’s lived. We moved LOTS as young marrieds 
with lots of schooling. 
 The shadow across the acorn is my camera.
I’ve long thought of my son along with that quote. 
He was even born at Fair Oaks hospital! 

Got a roast with loads of veg on for today, and
a walk to challenge my tired muscles and a
call to mom because dad emailed that she’s having a rough mental health/covid day.  
I believe mental health issues will plague us for many 
years due to this damned pandemic. 
Create and do something positive. 
I watered my house plants! 



acorn hollow said...

I walked today and put a pot roast in the crockpot. I like your rug hope you feel better soon
Cathy said...

That’s very positive. Take care Cathy

NMK said...

Love how you are hooking this rug for your son , lots of special memories !
I walked yesterday & today , just feel so good to be outside !!!!Hope you feel better too !

Saundra said...

That is turning out beautifully whether those be your colors or not your son will love it and you'll be happy to have endured the the project. I know exactly how you feel because I've hooked outside my box for family gifts and one, ONLY one commissioned piece. I will NEVER do another commissioned piece. Guess that is why I call myself a 'fickle hooker'. Because I want do hook what I want to hook, lol.

Prims By The Water said...

What a nice birthday tribute for your son. Looking good! Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful gift this will be! I love the tree...and the leaf coloring.... My son (who will also be turning 30 soon) would look at me like "what the heck?!) if I gave him a rug I hooked for him. Neither he nor my husband (or my friends for that matter) appreciate my "hobbies." Sigh. Must be a comfort food kind of day. I made a huge pot of beef vegetable soup....way too much for just, will try to think of someone I can "share" with. We've had unseasonably mild temps here, and not a lot of snow (it flurried all day but didn't add anything to what we have on the ground), but it is turning tonight...back to single digit temps. Brrrrr.... Maybe that's what made soup sound so good! And what is contributing to my more-than-normal achiness. Hope you feel better soon. ~Robin~

WoolenSails said...

It will be wonderful when done and I am sure he will love it.
It is hard when we. have health issues and never know if it is covid or just our regular problems, will be so glad when this is over.
It does take a toll on our mental state as well, I try to do something creative every day and one thing around the house that needs cleaning, just a little pick me up to feel like I am accomplishing something.

Debbie said...

Doesn’t it feel great outdoors? It’s like a free mental spa said...

It is hard to create specifically for another. I think that makes it extra special but it’s something they may or may not end up appreciating.