Saturday, January 9, 2021




I've taken solace in some rug hooking, house tidying, walks,

 lots of prayer, and reading the likes of Henri Nouwen. 

Shows like "Escape to the Country" and "Great British Bake-Off" 

are also lovely.

Sometimes I feel the anxiety in  body but my mind 

feels at peace.

Other times my mind races but the body feels relaxed.

At the worst moments, both are engaged.

Hubby is back to Keto and I'm back to favoring vegetarian.

What a Clash of Kitchen Titans!

After completing all my commissioned ornaments

I set out to do 5 more dogs for family gifts. 

I feel I've lost my muse.

These 2 I've begun and am stalled on:

What I'd most like to do is re-start one for my son's 30th birthday

 but let my creativity flow with it.

So perhaps I'll do both and...

How are you coping? Or not? 


Jacqueline said...

Sort of tuning out the world right now

acorn hollow said...

I am on low carb but veggies and keto should mess some anyway. Like you at times I am fine and others I am not. We keep the news off mostly and we both have projects at home to occupy the mind and that helps.
I love your ornaments I hope you get your mojo back

Julia said...

Your hooked puppies are just too sweet. I hope that you find your muse. You do nice work. So far, I'm keeping busy but not really accomplishing much and that's OK...I've been decluttering the accumulation of business papers in my husband's office. It's a slow process.
I put all my trust in God and it makes things a bit more bearable. I'm putting a lot of time in prayers and reading about some spiritual e-books and some Zoom time with my prayer group so time is really going fast for me with my weekly routine. said...

That sure would be nice for a little while... or a long while said...

I think I need a new project to distract me. Good luck with low carb. All the holiday junk food is out of the house now.Thanks for the comments. said...

Keeping productively busy then! That’s great. Keep it up ♥️

Prims By The Water said...

Good luck. I think both dogs are looking good. Janice

Saundra said...

Rug hooking has always kept me calm and bp down. Your pups are great, as were the others.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love your hooking!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your pups are so cute. After seeing yours, I thought how I would I do one of our SnowDog...thinking it should be easy since he's basically black and white. LOL...I wouldn't have a CLUE! There's definitely artistry in what you do. I am not sure I am coping very well. I slept very little for the last several years and it has gotten worse. One would think that I would get a lot accomplished...but I don't. I am stitching a little, and reading a lot. ~Robin~ said...

Go for it! My critters are constantly evolving —with the more of them I hook. Not sleeping well has rarely been an issue for me but it seems to be worse now for my friends who deal with it chronically. Today I’m going to start a rug and make a keto lunch for my lucky hubby. That’s about all on my list and that is ok. Being kind to myself is a lot of work☺️