Sunday, June 21, 2020

Summer Solstice

We’re experiencing August like weather here
in New Brunswick.
And a covid setback.
My garden is in and I’m already fighting
tiny, winged bugs.
I mixed up liquid Castile, water and a dab of oil.
It seems to be effective. 
I planted tomatoes , peppers, chard, squash, peas,
lavender, thyme and oregano.

And my husband is nurturing 3 cannabis plants
which are not in the photo.
I have mixed feelings on this, but as they are legal
they are here.
I even give them water if he forgets.

We turned our tv in for a projector and huge
Last night we moved these to our yard and showed
Moonrise Kingdom under the moon!
A big success!

After 20 years I’ve picked up my cross stitch
and out down my rug hooking.
This is a freebie pattern and I wanted it to
look like a coverlet so I’m using all navy blue.

Here are the cool labels going on all
the rugs hooked within our guild during covid:

We accepted an offer on the house!
If all goes as planned we will be out of here
July 15!
We want to stay in town but have no idea where
and there are few houses on the market.
I’m strangely calm.

I sure hope this finds everyone well.
We are glad to see minorities rising up, being noticed,
and protesting for change.
As a person of privilege I’m being challenged
and recalibrating constantly.
May the foundations of North America be
re-laid with justice and mercy! 


Saundra said...

Oh no, not going to hook rugs any longer? I'd be lost without that to keep me focused and calm. Good luck on the sale of your house.

Julia said...

I've temporarily laid my rug hooking aside also. How many rugs does a person need anyway? I love cross stitch and have several pieces in frames but my eyes are getting tired and I need magnifying glasses to work the stitches.

your little garden is looking good and like you, I need to water a lot. I hope that your house sale goes through. Does the cannabis plants stay after you move?

Hugs, Julia said...

Ha ha! Hooking will always be a huge part of my life. I needed to keep my hands busy and the rug and frame were too hot on my lap. It’s been about 96 for days! said...

Hoping the house sale makes ‘er too. The cannabis is in containers and the buyer didn’t request them in the contract so they go🤣

acorn hollow said...

Oh we have toyed with selling as the houses are going for such big money but of course the big question is where would we go and the fact we really like our house so I am happy to say I am not packing boxes in this heat.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hopefully the house sale will go smoothly. Always a stressful time waiting until the check is in hand.

Prims By The Water said...

Good luck with the sale of your house and move. Janice