Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Zoom zoom

Happy Wednesday —if that’s what day it is.
Two Zoom rug groups were pretty successful.
Not many glitches and it was so good to see everyone!
Normally this local group meets twice a month thru June but
now we will meet online every week.
Most of the ladies are retirement age+ and I 
think they’re particularly lonely as several have lost partners.
Heck, we’re all lonely.

Deanne Fitzpatrick of Amherst, NS hosts
a free Facebook class every Thursday,
 at 2:00 Atlantic Time...
She has the most laid back hooking style but it seems to work
 as she is popular.
This Thursday people are invited for a casual
hook-in— join us!

My 1840’s rug is coming along—
almost done! 

There’s a big nipple in the middle where the rug
is bulging but I will iron it several times.
Also, I think I will use a brighter gold on the
third ring out from the centre.
The corners have rainbows which aren’t quite
visible and which I did to add color and motif.
Just realized they could be covid rainbow tributes.

New Brunswick has had only two covid cases in three weeks
so we opened retail stores today. 
I went into our local book shop and coffee store
and tried to support them.
There were only two other shoppers.
Why do we feel reluctant to jump back into the world?
For me, I’ve gotten lazy and hate to dig out my bras 
and make-up again.
And yes, the virus has made me cautious.
Perhaps you feel the same?

Our family member is fully recovered from the
virus but continues to check oxygen levels.
Their province is short on hospital beds;
thanking the Lord a stay wasn’t necessary.

Here is what we are contending with in New Brunswick :
We are sooooo ready for warmth.

And after two months this is how our new cat
and old dog have bonded

Blessings of the week and safety to each of you!


acorn hollow said...

nice you are doing the zoom meetings. We had snow too looking forward to warmer weather frost last night and predicted for tonight too. You made me laugh with the bra and make up. I do wear one daily but the first thing I take off after our evening walk and into pjs.
Your rug looks great I am sure Ironing will help.
stay healthy

Julia said...

Your rug is looking great and it's great that you are meeting with Zoom. I've been meeting groups with Zoom and the last three meetings were interrupted by losing connection, and my screen freezing. My mouse didn't even work and I had to constantly turn my computer off and restart it again. Sometimes I could still hear the audio but no live-action. I have updated my Zoom and now everything works well again.
It's nice seeing the cat and dog being best friends. Our snow was all gone on Tuesday as we had rain all day yesterday. I hope the snow is done for this spring.

Stay safe and well
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

I know what you mean about being reluctant to jump back in to the world. There is just so much contradictory information you just don't know what to believe.
Lovin' you rug!!! It's amazing what a good steam job can do :)

Prims By The Water said...

We were able to open our one store as we sell food and masks, however folks are still a bit shy coming in. love your rug and so glad you can all zoom together! Janice