Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cleaning Up

Cleaning out a wool room is no fun
But when you HAVE to clean it out it’s a real drag
It’s forcing me to separate my colours into huge boxes.
Try sorting oranges from golds when there is little difference.
And showing me that I have-brace yourselves- too much wool.
If I hooked every day for the rest of my life I would use a quarter of it.
But some forgotten treasures have popped up: extra red dot, two UFOs,
long forgotten patterns (I used to sell on eBay), Sharpies, hook books, a
punch needle.... the list goes on.

I had to stop working mid day when I decided to clear out
a box of my son’s.
I reached into the dark recesses and came
out with a fishing hook embedded deep in my pointer finger.
The other barbs were attached to a lunch bag and two T-shirt’s.
It was quite a sight until I cut off the extras.
I took a pic later but will spare you.
Our Canadian ER is notorious for six and eight hour waits so my neighbors
took me to their doctor nearby.
The office is closed to new patients UNLESS you happen to
walk in with an STI (formerly STD).
We joked that I could tell them I’d drop my pants after
they removed the fish hook.
But no need, they took me and an hour later I left with
a tetanus shot, a bandaged finger and a tube of polysporin.
Just when I want to complain about our healthcare they do something
This is hubby Erik and Lucy. 
Lucy loves rides on anything:
 wheelbarrows, kayaks,cars.
Such a sweet old furry face!
And I was up in Erik's office yesterday and had forgotten
that I had lent him one of my rug's for his decor.
Here it is, hooked about four years ago.
Wonky camera angle.
I was surprised that it has faded so much.
Well, I'm off to test the new rv today.
The hitching and unhitching has me unnerved.
Here is our new toy:
And I turn 49 soon.
Scary fast this life is!


JustGail said...

Sorry about the hook in the finger! I learned long ago to go through boxes DS packed himself very carefully. He had a tendency to toss in whatever, shut the box and put it on a shelf somewhere. That open container of rusted BBs hitting the hard kitchen floor certainly woke me up! I *am* happy he got the box on a shelf, and didn't leave them in the middle of whatever place he was boxing things up.

Healthcare - I'm wondering if there is a solution that everyone in the US would be happy with. Or at least accept without too much grumbling and calls to overthrow the whole system. I suspect we'll be choosing between cost, doctor choice, wait times, and easy to understand policy choices for a very long time :-(

Saundra said...

I know your pain about the too much wool. I even considered selling fat quarters of many but then couldn't stand the thought of parting with any, lol. Now that is sick!
Beautiful hooked piece you loaned your hubby.
So when you put the wheels on the road you should have a CD of Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again". When driving back to Delaware from California after my first husband died, I'd put that in the then tape player and play it each morning we got on the road.

acorn hollow said...

I think most rug hookers could say the same about wool. I know for the new years resolution I put myself on a rug hooking spending freeze. I have done pretty well and have forced myself to make do with what I have
you are making a big life change must be very exciting.

Rugs and Pugs said...

49? You are just a baby :)
Any luck with the house sale? I would hate the thought of packing...I have WAY too much stuff and keep buying. A basement and walk up attic are both a blessing and a
OUCH on the fishing hook. Glad it was removed in a timely manner.

Prims By The Water said...

Lucy is so cute! Wait til you get to 60 like I am. I love your wool stash...Janice