Thursday, August 15, 2019

August Waning

Rug hooking groups don’t meet in summer?
Bring a hooker to you.
I threw a pot pie in the oven and set a vase
of garden flowers and some Chardonnay
on the back deck and viola!
 My German friend, Ute, and I had a super
couple of hours of hooking, eating, and catching up.

Last week hubby and I went up to northern
New Brunswick.
 In our 12 years here, we'd never been
and we wanted to look at rvs along the Bay of Chaleur.
The word "chaleur" refers to warmth but certainly it
must apply to the people and not the water temps.
Brrrr... not a soul was swimming but fishing and beach combing.
 Rugged and raw beauty!
 There were these huge piles of debris
along the water, guess they will be bonfires soon.

I have a part-time decluttering job.
Look what I discovered today at her home:
This is a small 10" x 12" (ish) mat attached to a stool.
Guess who hooked it? Doris Eaton! 
My client won it at a political function years ago.
I love the beautiful simplicity...

Time is flying and there is much to do before we depart 
on a one year rv sabbatical and tour of the US. 
The house needs to sell.
Say a prayer if you're so inclined.


acorn hollow said...

saying a prayer to sell you house. Oh that is a name I haven't heard for a long time Doris Eaton. I hope she appreciates it. There is another girl on Facebook that RVs all the time with her hooking along. Not sure if I am cut out for it such a home body.

Prims By The Water said...

Prayers being sent. That beach looked like the ones on the Eastern side of Lake Huron where my mom lives. Janice

Saundra said...

Lucky gal who won Doris Eaton's hooked piece. Doris is the one who developed "the Eaton Edge". Good luck in selling your home.

What parts of the USA do you plan to visit?

Julia said...

I met Doris Eaton at the Annual Fibre Art Retreat in Mahone Bay and she was delightful. I bought her book but that rug is not in her book A Lifetime of Hooking. How lucky to have come across that rug. I come from the Bay de Chaleur region and have spent many hours at the beach in my younger years.
Good luck with selling your house.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope you will have room in the RV for all your wool :) What a fun trip that will be.
What a sweet little rug!!!
Good luck with the house sale. It is so stressful!