Friday, February 8, 2019

Hook-In Season

Counting the hours until Monday.
Who wouldn’t love a three day hook-in?
Got my lists made. 
My wine is bought,
 my recipe
for a cheeseball ready, 
and of course all the hooking
paraphernalia is being gathered.
Three things on my list that set me apart as older this year:
reading glasses, lubricating eye drops, and multi-vitamins.
Here are the cards I created
 (copyright sheepunderfeet)
 for the silent auction.
I like the cards-they came out to my liking.
 A bit of humour...
 A classic wood cut look...
 I also hooked a rug with this image I made...
The Thinker re-imagined!

And to every mass hooking event I take three good sized strips of nice wool
so I can participate in the dice game Left, Right, and Center.

It’s mindless and purely a game of chance.
We play with piece of wool, of course, instead of the chips.
The last player with one piece of wool
 wins the jackpot-which is all the players’ wools! 
If your group hasn’t been introduced it’s a hoot
and is sold at Target.

We are currently being coated in layers of ice so I am moving slowly too.
Schools are closed but workplaces aren’t.


NMK said...

Have Fun at the Hook In & your cards are really cute !

acorn hollow said...

love your cards and we play that game too. But you are right 3 days of hooking oh how I would love it!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Three days of hooking. Aaahhhhh. Now that's heaven.
What fun cards.
L-R-C is fun.
Happy hooking :)

elaine allerton said...

These are cards are wonderful!
Wow, that first one ,,, sweet,, perfect,,,, you can draw ur own patterns!
Have a great time away,,,
Cant wait to hear more,,,
What fun that game sounds,,,
For wools, too,,,
Take care,,,,

Saundra said...

Aren't you the creative mind with talented hands!! Don't need to tell you to have fun because we both know you will. Take lots of pictures to share.
I have all the extraneous stuff to take to camps too ~ and never forget my wine!