Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tail end of May

How can May be wrapping up?
A quiet day for me, so I’m doing odds and ends that have been needing my attention. The winter hats and scarves and mitts got a wash and are drying and sunning on the line before going into a summer hibernation. It’s a delight to do.

My kids are together in Marseille today.
What a joy to see them travel—- they both have keen wanderlust and curiosity for the world. And a working French vocabulary…
        Can son Sheehan really be turning 32 soon?!

A long delayed hook-in is coming up this weekend and I’m helping out. Here is a peek at two gift baskets that will be raffled:

Those lovely canned treats in the second basket are from blogger Julia.
 Someone is going to be very lucky indeed!
Early June, our Evening Matters group will have our season ending potluck and Christmas gift exchange. 
Obviously we all missed the Christmas party 😢

And my rug is coming along in fits and starts. It’s obvious that planting season is close and my thoughts are turning to the outdoors.
The chair in the yard was almost invisible and is now prominent.

I’ve got cinnamon sourdough in the oven and a friend is coming by soon. 
This is a relationship I am hoping to patch as we had covid disagreements. There were too many of those and life is precious as are friends♥️


Saundra said...

What a remarkable and delightful difference your black chair made to the rug. Looking great now. That cinnamon bread would definitely put a smile on my face.

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

It’s really a dark tealy-
blue but looks better. I don’t know if the problem is my phone or the blog as far as colour goes. I’m trying to wait to dive the bread for dinner. Mighty long wait

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your rug is coming along swimmingly I think.... My eye still lands first and last on that glorious pumpkin and crow though. ❤️ I hope the kids have a great time in Europe!! How very lucky they are! Cinnamon sourdough bread is one of my very favorite ways to use my sourdough.... I hope things go well with your friend this evening and that things are patched. Yes, many relationships were strained/stretched beyond limits they should have been and continue to be.... Everyone could do with a bit of healing...and, yes, friends are precious. ~Robin~

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

The kids are having a superb time Robin!! Pumpkins and crows are a fav fall combo for me too. I blew my cool with my friend, unfortunately, so this will take a mediator to help mend. Which I’m willing to do and hope she will be. Sometimes I want to run away and not have to deal with any people. Sigh.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lucky son and daughter! I studied part of a summer in France when in college and my DSO took me there for my 50th birthday, too many years ago.
Yeah for your upcoming hook in. I would love to sample some of Julia's goodies.
Rug is looking good.
I do hope things went well with your friend. Life is just too darn short.

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

I would love to go for local cooking lessons in the south of France. But it sounds like you need another visit!
Things didn’t go well with friend. I’m not waving the white flag on the relationship yet though. Thanks for your comments!