Saturday, January 11, 2020

January Ponderings

Enjoying a cuppa with a mug my daughter made...

I’ve been praying about my new routine for 2020 
And it appears to be coming together.
On weekdays I spend a few hours emptying 
the home of a former client for an eventual sale. 
And I have more decluttering jobs waiting in the wings.
Some friends and I will meet weekly for a Jesus study.
(We all left the church building years ago and pursue Him
on freer terms).
I’ll be more purposeful about visiting seniors and 
sick—- I know many who suffer mentally too.

Sunday afternoons have evolved into gathering
with several neighbors at the local craft beer place.
Our group includes some who immigrated to Canada 
from far flung places. 
Tomorrow we will host with some Chicken Tortilla Soup
to welcome back a Mexican student who had been
back home for a month. 
We had lived in this spot for ten years before
 this group emerged. 
We combat the ice and snow with community.
Is there a similar crowd in your future?

Our sweet Lucy is slowing down. 
But she continues to be a big part of our household.
Here she is looking spiffy after a bath,
face trim and blow out! 
In fibre news there’s a punchneedle course
I’m attending here next weekend.
Can’t wait!
I dug out my hooking again after a two
month hiatus.
Too long!
May your weekend be restful and reviving....


acorn hollow said...

you sound happy and busy. I am part of a wonderful woman's group we try to get together at least once a month. I have a very close friend we get together at least once a week today breakfast and a hike.

Saundra said...

Lucy looks like a white puffy cloud with her new coif. Looking forward to seeing your new project(s).

Rugs and Pugs said...

I do not have a network of friends like you do. I guess I am more of a loner.
Lucy is simply adorable.
Happy you are back to hooking and the punching class should be fun.

Jacqueline said...

Where would we be without our network of friends! Your daily plans sound great.

Prims By The Water said...

We do have an antique group we hang around with but not weekly. Janice said...

I can’t do without my girl time. I’m an introvert and if I start feeling down I force myself to have more girl time

Unknown said...

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