Sunday, April 3, 2022

Enchanted April?

 I’m dog and house sitting (again)- all week for good friends.
Sweet dog Jesse and I walk in the strawberry fields near his home.
He’s off leash at this place.
When I ask if he wants to go walkies he jumps vertically!

Hubby ordered a sourdough starter and I took some and made an awesome batch of cinnamon rolls—
probably the best I’ve ever eaten.
I used for the recipe and added raisins and walnuts and a regular glaze vs. their cream cheese frosting. I mean who wants those extra calories?🤣

Since I took weight off last year and relearned better eating habits, it was not tempting to eat more than one and I froze the remainder.

I completed the repairs on the auction find,
leaving the former repairs someone made in place. 
Call me sentimental.
And after…
         It does need a good steamy pressing.

Picking back up a 2021 Fall rug was hard but I’m gonna work on that sucker. 
Originally NOT an autumn or night rug, I added motifs and subtracted others to the marvellous pattern “Antique Shop” by Sandy of Woolen Memories.

It’s 36x38. Not yet sure if I’ll do that border.
I’ll do some border, of course.
And those red balls in the left centre are apples which need to be pulled out. Too big. 

May our week be full of being in the present, noticing the beauty of Spring around us and helping anyone in need with whatever we’re blessed with- big or small.


Julia said...

Those sourdough rolls are looking really yummy. I think I would have difficulty stopping at one but with diabetes, I would have to.

What an incredible repair job you made on that damaged rug and I like this new fall rug. Lots of details.

Prims By The Water said...

That antique rug is so precious! Love how you repaired it for more generations. Janice said...

Thanks! I’m trying to figure out how best to mount it on the wall. It would need total support imo. said...

Some people don’t care for the sourdough taste, but there’s none in these rolls. That said, I like the tanginess. Soon you’ll see the fall rug😀

acorn hollow said...

I love Sandy's designs and I like how you are hooking this one. I like the apples they look primitive.
Your rolls look wonderful. I lost a lot of weight in the past year a half and I have had to add things so I would not keep losing well it is a battle still sometimes I add to much and others not enough I guess it will all even out over time.
I cannot wait for fresh strawberries to come of course that means warmer weather.

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you fixed those rugs. It makes me sad to see rugs that aren't loved. I love the fall rug you are working on. My DIL has been making sourdough all winter and I have enjoyed watching the progress. I am going to ask her if she has made cinnamon rolls yet. Yours look wonderful. That is an amazing place you are house sitting at. I love those strawberry fields too. Cute dog and cat. I hope you have a wonderful week. I hope spring wins.

WoolenSails said...

Nice that you can house sit for them, no one would do that around here, we have to pay someone.
The rug came out nicely and a nice treasure to have. I wish I had taken my grandmother's rug hooking items but I was young and not interested then.


Rugs and Pugs said...

You did an amazing job on the rug repair!

NMK said...

Oh those cinnamon buns look so delicious !!! I could not eat just one !!!

You did a great repair job on that rug !!! I have 3 old rugs my Grand Mother did , they all need TLC , I hope to learn how to one of these days.

Your rug is coming along nicely from Woolen Memories ! Will be a Beauty !!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

What an amazing transformation of the old rug...both the cleaning (the colors just pop now!) and the repairs. That project would have intimidated me. I, too, am trying to wrap my head around framing my whale rug (a/k/a "The Beast"). Argh. Love your adaptations to your current rug as well...but, then, fall is my favorite time of year. That pumpkin and crow are perfect!! The crow almost looks real. And, cinnamon rolls. They are a particular weakness of mine but I have never done sourdough ones (I figured why mess with a good thing?) but I am always looking for new sourdough recipes so I will have to look up the recipe. See how easily persuaded I am??? LOL ~Robin~ said...

I bet your grandma’s rug hooking supplies found a good home. I have started offering home and pet services for a modest fee but friends are free♥️ said...

Thank you! I’m sure a pro would have some things to say if they looked up close but I’m sure I’ve added a few good years. said...

I’ll leave the apples in a bit longer then. They look like alien orbs to me. I’m up and down four pounds which I think is normal for anyone, but I do worry about losing too much now. Funny how that goes.
I bought strawberries from California last week and ended up tossing them. Absolutely no taste, just a watery texture. The fields in the pic also have raspberries and blueberries to pick. All soooo wonderful said...

Spring wins until summer does 😁. Yes I’m happy to be doing the odd jobs I do. They fill in our budget, satisfy needs, and free me to travel with hubby when he puts in for vacay.
He has given away several starters already and our starter is named Audrey! said...

I googled how to repair and found some good tips from Judy Carter. It’s not hard, just fiddly. I used to be able to eat lots of carby sweets at a time; now that would make me conk out on the couch. said...

Robin, that was hard convincing you to try that recipe. If you do, make the version with 8 T of butter.
Yes, Fall is the best season. Hands down. If someone offered to pay me for rug repair I would say I didn’t know how, but if it’s mine I have nothing to lose.