Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Easter Week

 After my normal decluttering clients last week coupled with the dog sitting gig, this week is pretty quiet.
I made another batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls and froze all but a couple for Easter morning.
It really is a super recipe if you’ve got a starter going.

I hung out loads of laundry- which feels soooo good after a long winter if dryer use.

I also finished sewing a backing and loop onto this mat which was hooked by a wonderful blind woman.
She tells me the colours and pattern she’d like and I draw and select wools and then I hook the outline around small areas. 
She hooks inside the outline. These two smart penguins measure about 14x8”. 

The other teacher in this weekly class is in seclusion until her hubby gets his surgery. She’s the dyer and colour planner extraordinaire.

Lastly, I made candles for my daughter.
 Aren’t they sweet ?
 I haven’t made any in a while and she prefers pure peppermint  essential oil soy candles.  Thankfully I found a deal on oil at Marshall’s.

Kate has an interesting blend of thrift and expensive taste. I guess maybe I do too. I shop at thrifts and sleep on  all linen sheets. 🥸
Kate just started her new archives’ job in Montreal.
She loves it! It’s full time (30 hours a week instead of 35 though ) with Fridays off. 
Very different job benefits than what we had in the US.

Happy Easter week. 
If you’re observing the final
days of Christ’s time on earth, may you have fresh understanding followed by a joyful 
reminder that Christ has risen, indeed!


acorn hollow said...

I love the story of the blind woman God bless her for continuing to hook
I made candles years and years ago no with soy though
have a wonderful Easter

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Thanks Cathy! Rug hookers find the process therapeutic; it certainly helps her.
I just love scent but am picky about the types. And buying candles is not cheap. My dad used to make unscented with paraffin and silicon molds. Fun! Have a good Easter too and thanks for popping by!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a sweet penguin mat. How wonderful she can enjoy hooking with a little help!
I love soy candles. There is a local shop that sells Swan Creek candles. They are THE BEST!!!
Congrats on daughter's new job. How funny to hear 30 hours is full time. Great to have a 3 day weekend every week ;-)

Saundra said...

Wonderful to read about the blind woman who hooks with a little help from you. That must give her such joy in her otherwise dark world.
Don't think I've ever had soy candles, or at least don't ever recall seeing the info provided on the label as such.

Julia said...

Those sourdough cinnamon rolls are very tempting. I love the taste of sourdough bread. I've attempted to make a sourdough starter but I ended up throwing it away because it formed alcohol on the top and that was the last of it. Maybe I fermented it for too long.
I'm in awe that the blind woman has hooked that penguin matt with very little help from you. That is really amazing.

I've never used soy candles. I was wondering if they are as good as bee's wax candles as far as being smokeless.

See you this evening.

Prims By The Water said...

Love those penguins! Your candles look wonderful! Happy Easter to you and your family! Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh, your rolls look wonderful...again! I did look up the recipe and like that you can mix them up and let them rise overnight (always a trick getting the starter where you like it and then getting the dough where you need it LOL). I haven't made them yet though as I know I would eat them all...and likely in only a few sittings LOL. I have to wait until I have someone to share with... Yes, I could freeze them but, to me, they just aren't the same. The penguins are wonderful! How incredibly talented to be able to hook with that challenge...and so clever of you to come up with a way she can hook. Blessed Easter to you and yours.... ~Robin~

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Swan Creek are a top fav of mine too. There was an outlet store we hit in Michigan once. I still spent a small fortune by sheer volume. They really are nice and strong. Thanks!

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

I’d say most scented candles today have at least some soy. The blind woman lives in a group home and was ecstatic about showing it to her friends. So pleased!

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Hi Julia! My soy candles don’t smoke at all. I do buy pure beeswax candles at the market and enjoy that faint honey scent. Would you like some new sourdough starter?! You just say the word! We store ours in fridge between the days we’re not using it. So good to finally meet!

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Thank you Janice! And Happy Easter to you and yours!

kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

Come sit with me for tea and cinnamon roll! 😁