Saturday, October 26, 2019

Happy Halloween Hooking


Tonight two of our besties are coming for 
wine and stir fry and scary movies.
We'll begin with Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
And perhaps the Disney short Sleepy Hollow.
Very atmospheric.

When we raised our kids we were involved with churches
that were outspoken against Halloween.
But we always took our kids out trick-or-treating.
I loved seeing the other kiddies' costumes
and happy faces
and seeing old neighbors and meeting new ones.
And I've always liked graveyards.
Being a pastor's kid our manse was always close
to or beside graveyards.
I never feared them but always liked the quiet 
and the huge expanses of green.
As little girls, my sister and I would pluck flowers from
 recent burial bouquets and present them to mom.
Oh dear!

Stones are sometimes beautifully ornate with carved angels, devils, 
willows or lambs while others are simpler with names and dates.
All represent such stories!
When we were in Boothbay Harbour, Me., we came across
a cemetery on our walk.

Poor old Alfred Gaswell.
His stone is being swallowed by a tree.
It's difficult to tell, but the bottom of the stone is airborn.

My hooking is coming along.
It is hard to tell, but the background colour is a brown-purple.

(P is for Primitive design).

What are you working on??
Something Fall-y??


Saundra said...

I also like the ornate grave stones and have a book with photos of them. I think the funniest one was with the inscription..."I told you I was sick". Have fun with your friends. Your Halloween piece is coming along really well.

Julia said...

That is an amazing picture of a tombstone held by a tree growth and suspended in the air. Old cemeteries are interesting places and contain a lot of history.

Your pumpkin rug is coming along very nicely. I've put my rug hooking on hold for now and I'm working on my 4th crocheted baby blanket.
Enjoy the nice weekend.
Hugs, Julia

Jacqueline said...

Great post. I am working on a Christmas goose.

moosecraft said...

That is one wild headstone! Enjoy's fun to see the kids dressed in costumes and having a good time!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I, too, love a walk through an old cemetery. Nature sure is swallowing the inscriptions.
Your rug looks beautiful! I am working on an antique adaptation hooked rug, cross stitch for some necklaces and an applique piece that I hope will be a Christmas gift!
Hope you had lots of fun with your friends.

Prims By The Water said...

Oh my heart went a flitter seeing your newest rug. LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors. Perfect for Halloween. I love seeing the old headstones too. They don't make them like those wish they did. Janice

acorn hollow said...

funny how that tree is taking over that stone. I love your pumpkin I am hooking on a ufo but it is coming slowly.

Bianca MacFarlane said...

Greatt post thankyou